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Beyond Functional Testing: 7 Other types of testing you should do

Functional Testing Services
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When a developer starts working with the software, the very first Idea came in their mind is to test the application of software with the help of forwarding methods. After the developing module for the application, you need to check how it is working and how the features of the particular module are behaving. It is difficult with the actual environment for examples there is a button in a module which has the functionality to show the list of a particular thing if the button is not working properly then you need to troubleshoot the problem to correct its functionality.

But every time it is not about the functionality of the application. There are other aspects also available in the application which should be tested by destiny. Today we are here to must test in the application or which are the various best available apart from functional testing to enhance our reliability and accuracy of the application.

Functional Testing Services

Unit testing

Unit testing is the initial thing which a test engineer must do while designing for performing the software testing life cycle according to the standards of software development and software testing lifecycle. Unit testing should be performed after the completion of each module it works on the little piece of code Disney testing is a type of testing.

Which has concerned with the source code of the application with the help of unit testing easily find out at which parts of the module is not working fine or as per the requirement specification? Basically type of testing process is conducted by developers itself, but sometimes its became the responsibility of the test engineers or testing theme to check the issues in the source code with the help of unit testing.

Integration testing

Integration testing is another form of testing which typically tests the integrated module of the application; this is the only difference between the unit testing and integration testing. The similarity between both the testing types is that in both of them, the main focus of the testing remains to enhance the reliability and efficiency of the source code. the responsibility of integration testing is to test all the modulus tested by unit testing but in this tested by combining. Integration testing helps to check how the different models of the application behave when they have to work with another module of the application.

Load testing

Load test checking has no concern with the source code, but this testing process is helpful to check what are the various things for issues behind the slow speed of the application. The main motive of the load testing is to check how the application reacts when multiple users or thousands of users operate the application at the same point of time. For example, suppose you are developing an E-Commerce that application and you have to make an application like that if thousands of users access the application simultaneously. Then the application performance should not be degraded load testing is the way. To simulate that how the application response in the different environments that which are the various errors occur when the burden of application increases.

Stress testing

Stress testing considered as a variant of load testing. If you don’t want to perform the load testing, then you can perform stress testing on application or software. Work of load testing also seems similar to the stress testing. Also, tester application for the crashes and issues when the load on the software or application increases. Then expected on the application is more than the load testin..g sometimes it is difficult to put that load on the application. This is the reason why automation functional testing services is recommended to the organizations.

Endurance testing

This type of testing is variant of performance testing the aim of the endurance testing is to test the application for the extreme situations the test engineer put the software or application in an environment and apply a simulated load on it. This load remains with the application for a longer period than expected. And endurance testing analyses that to what extent the application is capable of handling the load this testing. The load is drafted to expose the critical conditions and bugs which may occur after a few days of its usage by the end user. Memory leaks are most of the common problems which are being detected in this type of testing.

Usability testing

Usability testing is conducted to understand how many days the end user is capable of using the application. This process involves the actual users instead of simulated cruises. The usability testing is conducted by the test engineer by putting the application under controlled situations, and they also record how successfully the application is working. In this process, various aspects of application checked by the potential users instead of checking them through machines and computer systems. the responsibility of the test engineer is to check all the aspects from unit testing to functionality testing this step as the last step of the development cycle in terms of testing.

Regression testing

Regression testing is also a part of the software testing life cycle; this testing takes place after the release of the software product. When a software product is released, there are so many responsibilities on the shoulders of developers to solve the errors defined by users or to modify the application with the changing demands of the users.

The main motive of the regression testing is root check there if any modifications done in the application put any effect on the functionality of the application.

This testing process is very much important to maintain the reliability and effectiveness of the software application.


Software development process or software testing process is not limited to the functional testing. The test engineer should perform all the necessary testing types with the application to ensure the reliability and compatibility of the testing process. Being a responsible software tester, you need to recommend the organisations management to conduct the required testing processes various testing processes. It may increase the cost to conduct the process, but there are so many automated functional testing tools available in the market which are capable of providing all the testing types under one roof. You do not need to buy different software and create different environment to test the application in different testing types.

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