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7 Aspects You Need To Follow Before Developing an App

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Today, in the digital era, well everyone owns a smart phone to use. With smart phones, the usage of mobile apps has been also growing. The businesses have the demands of developing mobile apps. The startups, too have the same demands. So are you thinking about developing your own app? There are many common questions that should rise in your mind before starting the mobile application development.

Do you have a unique and great idea for mobile app development? Well, that’s great! So how would you be building the app? What important factors will be considered before developing mobile apps? What features will be there that outstands your app in the crowd of billions of app? And many more.

Let’s just start with an activity that will help you get your answers to these questions. Start with observing the most successful apps. The apps you use in your daily routines. Many great apps have helped the mobile world grow and got praised for their unique features. You would be thinking, isn’t it pretty easy to build successful apps? Well, getting to the conclusion so soon is not the solution. Observing successful apps is just not enough. Now take down the list of unsuccessful apps from the app store. Thousands of apps, right? See, if the successful app recipe is so easy then why a lot of unsuccessful apps.

The recipe is pretty easy if followed properly. What does it contain? A great idea, a dash of language (Swift or JavaScript depends on your preference) and a few users to give it momentum.

Try to do one more activity. Start with remembering the memory when you find someone else to be more successful than you. What the successful one does, you did the same things but how he came to be more successful? What is his secret? Think. Think…

The successful people pay attention to every minute thing even if it is boring or they are not enjoying rather skip it. So, what is the process?

Research. Research and Research!!

This is the first and foremost crucial step towards developing mobile apps. Remember, the geniuses think alike and you are not the only one. Researching towards “what your app can have that makes it different?” can make a great difference in the development process.

Analyzing thoroughly in the market research can give an idea about your competitors, their strategy, what are they providing through apps? And what makes them successful.

The deep you research the more you get the knowledge. This can be a thing of values, unique algorithm, unique logo and anything that can differentiate you from the competition.

Do the simple research on the keywords your app might be listed on Google or app store. Check out the competition. If any check who you are against, what they provide and then make a checklist of what you can provide better than them.

The more you spend time on research, the more you will get towards dedication, purposes and goal accomplishments.

Planning and Target Audience (Marketing)!!

After you figure out where you stand and what makes you stand different, it’s time you check out to the next step. The next step is to set up a perfect plan. This step includes small questions to get answers for your app features. The question like what will be the pricing for the download? Will it be a monthly fee? Will you provide an in-app purchase? What price makes the user comfortable to download the app? Who is the targeted audience? Will I add the features periodically to attract users? And so on.

This crucial step represents your entire strategy behind your app. The best marketing strategy is that which starts locally, a good targeting market place. For example, we are a company building mobile apps and software so if you search for tecocraft apps then you can find the results of the apps that we developed and that hit the market. This is where your keyword research will work out for you.

Cost and time are the basic factors you will calculate before developing mobile apps. Guaranteed, you have given a thought to how much a mobile application development will cost and what time it will take to develop an app. But have you ever given a thought that how much mobile app development will cost to the market? How will people even find you or consider your app for usage? There are many startups that think of being the “next big thing” in the world. But they do not. Be realistic, and put your efforts together to estimate a budget before developing mobile apps. Research more on keywords because after making efforts, if people are not able to find you out, then your efforts are worthless.

Workflow of Application:

“The first impression is the last impression” This quote is also implied in Mobile application development.

The workflow of your mobile app development is how your app moves from place to place. If you observe any apps from play store or app store, you will find that every app has its own workflow for the user interaction. This is the small point in the development but this point can save your reputation and can increase user interaction in the app. If the workflow of your app in difficult to use and understand that users won’t be using it furthermore.

This workflow is typically to have you cleared minded for how many screens and the screen would offer what and how will the screens be linked together.

Initially, it might be noticed by users but your transition from screen to screen is important in your workflow. Should it fade to the next screen? Feelings you want your users should feel when surfing through the screens and etc.

Color Psychology:

You can get help from Google searching “Color Psychology” which will result in many articles and blogs letting you know about the color combination that can get you the emotional responses and knowledge of different colors mean for different people.

So, now you would be thinking about how the color can help you build the successful app? Well, colors are the most dramatic elements in your mobile application development process. You can trigger the user’s emotion to make your mobile app more successful. Keep your colors in line with what you already has a brand to impress.

Device Orientation:

I am sure on your usage of apps that every different app has different orientation change. Some have the landscape view and some have a portrait view. How is it matter when in process of mobile app development? Again, the Orientation view can change the users’ perspectives of using the app. It can totally change the user’s interaction with the app. The responsiveness of the design helps the user to easily interact with apps. Imagine you have a four drop down boxes that you want to be side by side but when in portrait view, it just ruins the content display in the app which makes difficult to interact for the user. So, always pay attention to the responsiveness of the app design.

User’s Previous Software:

Before entering in the process of mobile application development, what you need to keep in mind is not every user are using the latest software versions or mobile phones like iPhone XS Max. Many are using the older version and outdated mobile phones. Again, it is a try to make your app more popular and reach out to many audiences as possible. It can talk to your development team to add the feasible features that can work on the older versions too.

Your App’s Prototype:

Now that you have planned and looked out all the aspects, it’s time to prototype your app. Prototyping is the process in which you actually implement everything you have planned. This would be a basic model but this can give you feel of having a unique idea or if you need to improve something in your consideration.

This is one of the most important aspects of successful mobile application development. Share your progress with trustworthy friends, coworkers, family members, and close relatives. Treat them as they have never been familiar to the application before and let them test it. Observe whether they are getting lost at some point using the app? Are they confused and unsure about how to complete the task? Are they facing difficulty in understanding the features? Making an understanding app is not always an easy task. Use this experience to make great content using the designated keywords. You may go through multiple versions of prototyping correctly the basic and little things but by doing so you would thank yourself not spending extra bucks to correct the specification after the app hits the market.

All and all….

“It is better to be safe then too sorry”. If you consider all part in your mobile app development process then eventually your app can be a successful one in the marketplace. So, develop an app with your great and unique ideas. Follow the aspects mentioned and make a successful app that makes money for you.

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