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All you need to know about Oracle Consulting

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In ancient civilizations, life’s mysteries were often thought to be known only by someone who was in direct contact with the gods – an oracle.

A high priest or priestess served as this oracle to pass heavenly knowledge on to everyday people. And, while Oracle is at the forefront of computer software, hardware, networking, and systems, we don’t have to consult a representative of the gods to take advantage of Oracle consulting.


What does Oracle consulting involve?

Oracle consulting is about as generic as a person saying they are a doctor. Are you a psychologist, pathologist, gynecologist, pediatrician or any one of a multitude of other “ists” or “ians?”

There is a vast array of Oracle consulting specialties. Concentrations can involve:

  • Oracle applications
  • Analytics and Middleware Services
  • Database
  • Systems
  • Cloud technology.

Oracle Applications

Oracle applications are definitely not a “one size fits all” type of solution for every business. Oracle consulting offers targeted expertise in helping a business secure the right applications to meet its unique needs.

Whether it is recommendation for purchasing or instruction on implementation, Oracle consulting helps companies personalize their electronic infrastructure. Expertise in Oracle applications like PeopleSoft, E-business Suite, Siebel and more is vital in helping businesses ensure that they have the right fit to improve their bottom lines.

Analytics and Middleware Services

Security is at the forefront of any business today. After recent security breaches, companies like Target have had to run plenty of damage control in assuring customers that their financial information is safe.

Part of Oracle consulting often involves Middleware services like managing a company’s security and customer identity. Compliance with watchdog organizations that protect data is also a part of Oracle Middleware services.

No company operates for very long if it doesn’t analyze the five W’s – Who, What, Where, When and Why. Oracle analytics often involve process management and business reporting designed to help companies work smarter.

Oracle Database

Database management is vital to every company, whether it has 10 employees or 10,000. A key component to Oracle consulting is working with a company’s Oracle database configuration to determine whether it is as effective as possible.

Database consulting can involve upgrades to an existing database or migrations to new platforms. All of the aspects of database consulting are designed to reduce costs, improve effectiveness and increase revenues.

Systems and Cloud Technology

Oracle consulting offers a focus on managing data and server storage systems. It is impossible to know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been, so data storage is a vital part of any company.

Creating both public and private clouds for accessing and sharing information and data is becoming standard operating procedure for most businesses. Oracle consulting provides insight about which cloud applications are the best fit for businesses.

In addition, cloud consulting helps companies ensure that their employees understand all the aspects of their cloud environment. Tools that are not understood are often avoided, wasting time and money.

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