Why does the creative education for advertising is stuck in the dark ages

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The world has transformed by leaps and bounds. It has traveled a long way from analog to digital, and from telephone to iPhones. People have started relying a lot on technologies, and today even if you want someone to write your paper you can easily get it done within hours.  However, advertising has been one of the most dynamic fields which have transfigured through the years. It has changed from the divulgence of the printing press to the huge impact of television on advertising, but still, the creative education for advertising seems to be stuck in dark ages. So, let us explore the possible reasons for it.


Advertising gimmicks

In today’s world, people have become a lot more active on social networking sites, exposing how they live their lives. Thus, they really rely on the brands to make their lives easier as advertisers actually know what they want. As consumers bring out to publishers, they tend to assume that all the following experiences would be specially curated according to their likings. But the creativity of the ad agencies is now stuck with showing irrelevant presentations of the product which leaves the consumers highly dissatisfied. Agencies fall short in the quest of advertising gimmicks as they try to portray their brands wrongly.

Copywriters’ dependency

Evolution of the advertising agency was overwhelming at the start. People showed a lot of interest in it, but the multi-layered roles didn’t let them allow flourishing independently. The copywriters do the work of researching everything about the brand and provide a detailed explanation of every nook of it. They have to make sure that they know everything about the product until the very last-minute detail. They exert a lot to make every end meet and the product to work nicely, but all the glamour of their work vanishes as they have to rely on the art directors. They always have to work in sync with art directors. This is where the creativity of their work gets stuck.

Lack of visibility and recognition

Ad agencies take a lot of effort in taking care of the product details. But they always have a fear of not getting the credit of what they deserve. Even after making an incredible idea of the campaign, clients can bring down all their efforts by shredding off their beautifully crafted idea to waste. They are never able to take the lead in their departments. Their opinions hardly matter in front of the clients. This is where the creative education of advertising fall down.

Internet and Technology

The internet has really affected the work of ad agencies. The ever-advancing technologies have taken a toll on the work of the people working in the agencies. Irrespective of the job, it has been compulsory for everyone to get the sway of coding. Getting the whim of latest technologies has become the recent trend in the advertisement industry. The dimension of the industry has become vast. Tech-savvies are getting the advantage of it. But the innovative pedagogy of the advertising has been hampered.

The tutelage of the creative advertising field has gone through a number of transformations. It has two conflicting worlds of clients and agency directors. Clients are really hard to satisfy, and due to this they often feel a little tired in terms of diving deep in their innovations. The creative roles often tend to take away the freedom of the workers. This has greatly dampened the quality of the work. Creativity has also seen a downfall due to ever-increasing demands. People expect a ton from the advertisers as they have access to their preferences. Advertising gimmicks have a long journey ahead and will have to shape themselves according to the needs of the generation.

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