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The key to keep slim and fit

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A large number of people tend to put on pounds and fat as they age. More and more of them are looking for ways to eat a healthy diet to lose some weight and stay fit and slim. Here are some of the most effective ways to achieve your fitness and weight loss goals:

First, choose an attainable goal

The first thing is to focus on your behaviors related to your weight loss goals. You can set attainable goals like changing your habits about your daily fat intake which should be reduced to less than 35 percent of your daily diet, cutting down on your afternoon snacks and beverages. You can also set some goals not related to weight such as participating in a 5k race. When you set such goals, you get surprised with the results you notice in the form of lost pounds.

Second, eating green and healthy food every day

Combat the bloating which comes with middle age with efforts like consuming fiber-rich foods which are known to be the best for middle-aged people trying to shed some pounds. These foods keep the digestive system running smoothly minimizing bloat and helping you look slim. You can also consider getting some soluble fiber from vegetables, fruits and oats and insoluble fiber through intake of bran and whole-wheat items.

Third,make good use of Rowing machines

These machines are really wonderful. They are designed to be your ultimate companion for weight loss and cardio regimes. They contain a flywheel at the front that resembles the dynamic resistance of a gliding boat. Such a machine is ideal to burn some calories to lose weight. Alternatively, you can consider buying a slimming machine for home use on for yourself. Whatever you use, start moderate exercises today itself.

Fourth, using Vibration machines to keep yourself move more

Apart from traditional equipment, vibration machines have recently popped up in fitness centers. Manufacturers of these machines claim that ten minutes of vibration in a day can work like an hour spent on working out. According to such claims, standing on the vibrating platform improves circulation and muscle tone along with enhancing weight loss.

Fifth, celebrate every achievement

As Goodman says, rewards instill positive behavior only if they are meaningful. Considering this, it is a good idea to treat yourself to a small thing when you reach a milestone in your exercise or weight loss routine to celebrate your achievement and helps you proceed on your weight loss program.

Suppose you logged an extra mile a week on the treadmill, you can consider investing in a pair of amazing running shoes or buy yourself a dress that highlights your new shape if you have dropped a size.

Sixth, find yourself a friend to exercise with you

Getting some apps by your side to keep track of calories and exercises is great but you can also use such apps to share your efforts and progress on social media networks. Such a community factor of the apps can help you stay inspired. Such a motivation can often go a long way to keep you from grabbing a cookie if you know you will have to log it and others will see.

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