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5 Tips For Landing A Medical Career

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Getting a job in the medical sector isn’t easy. On top of high entry requirements to courses, it can be a highly competitive job market. Here are some tips for those who are eager to get into this line of work.

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Bag some medical experience

Having some experience in a hospital is extremely valuable and could help to separate you from other candidates. There are many voluntary jobs in hospitals – these could include helping behind reception or helping a charity that works in the hospital or pushing the snacks trolley from ward to ward. You may even be able to get some paid hands-on experience. For example, you don’t need any qualifications to become a porter. As a porter, you help collect prescriptions for medical staff, move machinery into theatres before operations and assist patients with mobility issues. This can be ideal experience when pursuing a job as a doctor or nurse.

Don’t be bound by location

If you’re only considering courses near to where you live, you could be narrowing your chances of getting a place. Consider courses from universities and colleges further afield. In some cases, you may not have to move across the country. You can take a MSN online, which could allow you to stay rooted where you are. That said, when it comes to finding a job in a hospital at the end of medical school, being prepared to move could be advantageous.


As with many jobs, knowing the right people can get you into higher places. Try looking around for events such as job fairs, conferences and awards ceremonies for medical professionals where you may be able to find people to connect with. There are also groups such as the BMA and Medical Royal Colleges, which can be worth joining.

Consider unusual medical roles

There are lots of obscure roles in the medical field that could be another way of getting your foot in the door. Consider specialising in an area such as radiology or cytotechnology. If you’re considering a nursing role, don’t just look to hospitals – many remote places such as cruise ships, oil rigs and mountain resorts may require on-premises nurses. There are also many research jobs – they may not be as hands-on, but you’re still helping to cure people and they can be very well-paid.

Get support

Finding a job in the medical sector can be stressful and a test of willpower. There are lots of support networks out there from on-campus support for students to recruitment companies that can help you to find a job in the field. Don’t neglect counselling either. Staying positive and having motivation from others will help you to land that dream medical job.

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