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Examples of Anaesthesia errors in Medical Malpractice in Miami

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Have you heard of a situation where the patient had seizures during the surgery? If yes, then the most common reason behind it was Anaesthesia Malpractice. Anaesthesia is a type of medicine given before the surgery to prevent the patient from feeling pain and remaining unconscious at the time of the surgery. In this blog, we will discuss some examples of anaesthesia errors in medical malpractice in Miami. So, let us start-

Pre-Operation Errors

Do you know that it is essential to ask a few questions from the patient just before anaesthesia? Before the operation, the Anaesthesiologist must communicate with the patient and check his medical history for any drug allergies. The medical professional’s responsibility is to ask the patient to refrain from eating or drinking anything for a specified period before the surgery.

Intubation and Extubation Errors

During general anaesthesia, the muscles in the body get paralyzed by giving drugs to the patient; even the respiratory muscles are paralyzed, making it impossible for the patient to breathe. In this case, A tube called endotracheal tube is inserted into the patient’s mouth to continue the breathing process. Some severe complications may occur during this tube insertion and removal from the windpipe. Brain damage due to lack of oxygen to the brain, nerve damage in the neck, loss of voice and stroke are complications.

Dosage Errors

You all must be knowing how important the dosage of a drug is. In the case of Anaesthesia, it can be life-threatening. Too little anaesthesia can make the patient conscious during the surgery, and too much anaesthesia can lead to coma or even death.


During Anaesthesia, the muscles get temporarily paralyzed, which can sometimes lead to vomit or the food collected in the lungs called aspiration. It is a life-threatening situation.

Inadequate Patient Monitoring

Apart from giving anaesthesia to the patient, Anaesthesiologist have to monitor patients’ vital signs during the surgery adequately. Even to make the patient conscious after the procedure is also the job of an anesthesiologist.

Anaesthesia Awareness

Patients waking up during the surgery may sound so movie-like, but this happens in real life too.


Anaesthesia plays a crucial role in surgery, and so does the anaesthesiologist. The anaesthesiologist needs to be cautious and fulfil his duty with utmost care. In the case of Medical Malpractice, the patient can also claim compensation through court.

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