The Essential Guide To Keeping Employees Within Your Business

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As an employer, you know how difficult it is to manage a large team. One of the issues that many companies come across is that they can’t hold onto employees. Having a consistent group of people in your business makes for a smooth working style. When you continually have to train people in new roles, you will find that your job is hard. You want to aim to keep as many employees as possible. Staff retention is vital to any successful business. Here is the essential guide to keeping staff in your company.

Have a solid progression system

Everybody wants to progress in their career. If people can’t move up in your company, they will look for a place where they can. That means that employees might start applying for new jobs within different businesses. When people can see a clear path within your company, they will want to stay and pursue it. You need to give people a chance to build on their current career.

Give people a chance to learn

It is beneficial for both you and your employees, if they are always learning new skills. When people are developing their skill set, they get a sense of accomplishment. When people feel as though they are not learning anything new, they can become disheartened with their job. If you give people a chance to expand their skills, they will love it. You should look for training schemes and qualification courses for your team. Ask people what they want to learn, and give them a chance to learn it. In helping people to move forward, you are investing in them and the future of your company.

Make sure your office is safe

Office safety should be your number one priority. If your office does not meet health and safety standards, you are breaking the law. Not only that, but your employees will feel uncomfortable in the workplace. They may not have the confidence to come to you about the problem, and so may just leave to get away from the issue. The last thing you want is to drive people out because you fail in your duty as manager. Find a reliable company to check that your office is safe for your workers. You can find companies online, such as, who can help.

Bond with your employees

When you take the time to bond with your employees, you will find that they want to work for you for a long time. If you are cold and unapproachable, nobody will want to get to know you. Make sure that you talk to your employees and bond with them. Organize company outings and meals so that everyone gets a chance to socialize. Sometimes, you need to let your guard down and let people see the real you. Of course, you want people to respect you, but you also want them to like you.

Make sure people are happy

Many bosses never give a moment’s thought to whether their staff are happy or not. It may sound like a bizarre thing to worry about, but the happiness of your staff should matter to you. If it doesn’t, you don’t deserve to be a manager. When you look after the well-being of your employees, they will feel comfortable in the workplace. That means that they will be more likely to stay with your company than to seek alternative employment. You should ensure that you are always try to keep people content. If you notice that someone is acting strange or down, it is worth talking to them and seeing if there is anything you can do.

Have an ‘open door’ policy

Again, an unapproachable boss is a boss that everybody hates. If you run away to your office all the time and lock the door, you are creating a wall between you and your employees. People should feel as though they can come to you with issues within the office. You need to make it clear to your staff that you want to hear what they have to say. When your staff feel as though you are distant, they will steer clear of you. You don’t want that.

Reward great work

When somebody is doing well, you need to let them know. The power of positive reinforcement is great. Many managers use the opposite approach. When their employees do a good job, they say nothing. When their employees make a mistake, they go crazy. Of course, you need to let people know when something is wrong, but you also need to let people know when they do something right. Don’t make the mistake of only berating people for their problems. Instead, reward people when they do well. Make an example of them so that others strive for the same achievement.

Banish office politics

Office politics can seriously screw up your business. When people are arguing with one another every single day, no real work is going on. People often leave workplaces because of office bullying. It is your job, as manager, to make sure that bullying doesn’t happen within your business. You need to look out for any signs of problems within your team. Have regular team meetings and encourage people to come to you with any issues they may have. It might be worth having monthly meetings with each employee so that they can talk to you in private. That way, you give people a chance to tell you if something is wrong.

Give people the respect they deserve

Being a manager is not about ordering people around and taking liberties. Your staff deserve your respect on a day to day basis. If you don’t give your team a certain level of respect, they will not want to work for you. Your employees are people too. You might get a rush from being in charge and dishing out orders, but you should never make people feel small. You need to boost people’s confidence, rather than quashing it. When you respect your employees, they will respect you too. A mutual level of respect is a solid foundation for a working relationship.

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