Technological advances that are tingling our senses

Science is always finding new and innovative ways to engage our senses. And everyday new technology becomes available to the public. Because more and more people are finding ways of using this technology, even more interesting innovations are…

laser printer

Getting a Laser Printer for the Office

Managing all of the document needs of the office can be a daunting task. However, there are solutions that will allow for every business to be as productive as possible without overspending on imaging and document solutions for…

online student

Characteristics of a Successful Online Student

While many students attend college or technical schools, they can’t afford to put life on hold and ignore all their other obligations.  Family responsibilities, job schedules and illnesses force students to give up valuable time in the classroom. …

recover files

How to recover deleted files from your computer and memory card?

The technological development has made computers an essential part of human lives. Most of our day to day work is associated with computers and we store most of our important information on them. Unfortunately, computers are not reliable…


Cloud based email – what is it?

Whether you run a large corporation or a small company, one of your responsibilities will be to make sure that your employees have the appropriate hardware and software they require to do their work. On top of this,…


Are You Talking to Me?

Technologically speaking, this is the most connected time the world has ever seen. The ability to chat with friends across the globe in a variety of mediums is simply spectacular to anyone who has lived to see such…


Safety and a Compliance Management System

Many types of software ease the work load and costs for many businesses. Tasks formerly done by 10 people can now be done by one or two, or the same people finish their work more quickly, but safely…

Technology GPS

How Technology Can Protect Your Family

You have probably heard about the dangers and risks that access to technology can cause. From too much television time for your children, to video game addictions on your teenagers and access to risky material by the young…

Apple iphone

Useful Tools to Have Around in Case of Apple Mishaps

Even expensive, well-made electronics like Apple devices are delicate. Sometimes, accidents happen, but that doesn’t mean the end of the world. There are a surprising number of tools available to you to fix a damaged iPod or iPhone….

refer friends

Now File Sharing is Damn Simple and Affordable

Nowadays, musicians, designers, photographers and so on, need great programs that would allow them to transfer files, in order to complete several activities. In fact, there is barely a single domain in which this process isn’t necessary and…

the economic times

Newspapers And Magazines Covers At Your Fingertips!

CoverTimes is an excellent site that displays newspaper front pages from all over the world. Everyone knows that the front page of a newspaper is meant to sell you on the contents inside, usually with a splashy headline….