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Social Networking Communities That Coax You to Chuck the Cigarette

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A cigarette is one of the most harmful things for an individual. All of us know it. Pick a 12 year old kid or a 60 year old adult and ask them the ill-effects of smoking. They would know it. But are you sure that they don’t smoke?

That is the problem with smoking. Inspite of massive campaigns undertaken and huge information distributed regarding the ill effects of smoking, smokers find it terribly difficult to kick the butt, see this

Obviously, smoking is no easy task, but the good news is that social media or rather virtual media has  had quite an impact on smoking and has enabled millions across the globe to give up smoking.

Here is a list of some communities and platforms that have contributed and are playing an active role in helping many quit smoking.


Facebook Communities

The reach of Facebook is known to all, one billion users and counting.  Success stories of people in anti-smoking Facebook communities are also plenty. Pages and communities on Facebook can really help smokers to quit cigarettes or at least cut down the count.

Informative posts and photos are regularly updated on these pages.


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Pictures like these are compelling and Facebook users who are smokers pass these on to each other. Non-users also pass them to potential quitters. The chain continues and what is formed is a genuine group of people who are trying hard to motivate themselves and others to quit smoking.

Because you can actively participate and write your comments on Facebook, many inspiring stories are shared, many anecdotes are retold.  Even, if one member is affected by it and decides to quit seeing a visual or a message it is an achievement.


The internet has been opened up in new dimensions with Twitter.  With constant inflow of messages and information from tangible and intangible people and greater interactions a herd mentality against smoking has developed.

George Michael is a notable name who quit smoking using Twitter and thus put forth the concept of substituting tweets for smokes. His 430,000 followers definitely found inspiration in him.

But the point to be noted here is that Twitter is a potent and effective tool to help people quit smoking. You may not have such a big following but if you manage to tweet instead of smoke  honestly, repeatedly, you become an inspiration for many too.

Forums and Other Websites

Besides these social networking websites, there are various other websites that are dedicated to help smokers quit the butt.  They have live discussions and forums and a lot of help on the site to achieve this purpose. is one such website that really goes all the way in helping smokers. From a 24/7 support community to a medication guide, personal quit page and self-assessment tools of progress made this is an exceptionally holistic side for smokers who want to leave smoking or family and friends who want their loved one to quit. They also have professional and expert support for the really weak moments the smokers will experience. It literally brings all help to the door of the smokers.

Smokershelpline is another such website that makes quitting that tad bit easier for you.  It puts together a number of categories within their website that will give enough motivation to the most addicted smokers to cut down their cigarette count.

The Quit Meter  is especially powerful and interesting. Once you get through the tough part of quitting, this tool helps you to track how much money you are saving by not smoking and trust me, those figures will really help you stick to your decision to stay smoke-free.



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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Next time you are seeking some really strong inspiration to chuck cigarette, go to Pinterst and type anti-smoking on the search bar. The images will jar your soul and hopefully compel you to quit smoking.

These are images that show not just the harm you are causing to your body by smoking but the extent of damage your innocent loved ones are undergoing as well due to passive smoking.  Following anti-smoking boards, pinning their images and sharing them with friends have become a common way many are using to help their smoker friends quit smoking.


The International Communication Association published their findings regarding how quitting cigarette can be easier for social media users in 2013. We can say  that the participation, the contribution, the connect with other smokers, the support from the online community , moving life-stories and the development of  a degree of  trust on fellow members and users have helped a lot of people to chuck the cigarette and resist the temptation to go back to it.

Lindsay Fox is freelance writer and blogger and she writes for EcigaretteReviewed. In her spare time, she enjoys the outdoors with her husband and three young children.

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