Number Crunchers Can Look to a Favorable Employment Climate in San Francisco

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If you are searching for a job in accounting or finance in San Francisco, the overall outlook appears to be positive. Jobs in financial management tend to mirror the economic health of the country. When the economy is stronger, more employees are needed to help businesses manage their resources and assets. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that jobs in accounting and finance in the United States will grow 11 percent faster than other occupations between 2014 and 2024. In California the picture is even more favorable, with growth of 18 percent projected. Finance recruiters in San Francisco can help you search for a job that is the right fit for you.

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Employment is Available in Multiple Sectors

A recent San Francisco Bay Area Professional Employment Forecast noted that of 100 CFOs surveyed, 93 percent plan to hire personnel within the next six months. Employers are seeking candidates to fill positions such as cost analyst, accounting manager, financial analyst and technical accountant. Positions are available across a range of industries including software, healthcare, construction and financial services.

A Variety of Skills Are Needed

Every business wants to have employees who are both outstanding performers and great team players. Credentials, skills and previous experience are important, but the right cultural fit is also essential. Candidates with a good balance of technical and people skills are in high demand. Industry specific experience, such as a work history in accounting for real estate or media, coupled with the ability to communicate effectively and a winning attitude make for a strong candidate.

A Strategy Is Important

Accounting recruiters in San Francisco are experts at evaluating applicants and helping them to find employment that will be well suited to their work style and level of expertise. Climbing the career ladder requires strategy and planning. Recruiters can also help ensure that the jobs you consider will be positions that advance your personal career goals.

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