Top 5 Marketing Tools to Drum Up your Freelance Business

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Be your own boss. Start making Big Bucks right from your home. Incredible, isnt it? You can make it happen if you discover the top 5 Marketing Tools for Freelancers. A simple Google search will help you find the marketing platforms for Freelancers. However, not all the tools listed in Google may be genuine. Here are the top 5 authenticated marketing tools that have been proven to be effective for top freelancers in the market.


Build a Stunning Profile on Social Networking Sites (Facebook, Google+ and Twitter)

Joining Social Networking sites is one of the easiest ways to showcase your talents to the world. No matter whether you are a writer or a web designer, you can gear up your career by creating a stunning profile with portfolio links and work sample links. Join popular Freelancer Groups in social networking sites to get in touch with prospective employers. For example, Provide your profile information, complete work history, correct contact numbers, current photograph, links to your online portfolio or blogs to draw the attention of prospective employers.

Post Updates on all Social Networking Sites Consecutively with

Posting your work related links on all social networking sites frequently can be a time-consuming task. Rather you could simplify the job of posting updates on social networking sites by making use of The is a smart website that allows you to create posts on all your blogs and social networking sites consecutively. This saves you the time of posting updates on each of the social networking sites individually. For example, if you wish to post updates on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, you can post it at one shot by logging in rather than logging to each of the social networking sites individually.

Create Blogs for Free with

Create your own blog for Free. A blog allows you to showcase your talents to the world. Don’t limit yourself with a simple portfolio alone. You can either start a tutoring blog where you can preach the world about what you know in your field. You can even get in touch with similar bloggers and enhance your knowledge about your field. Creating visually appealing blogs and marketing it on the web is the best way to get job opportunities knock your door. For example, if you are a freelance designer, make sure your blog design is very creative in addition to what you write on your blog. If you are a writer, make sure the content that you write on your blog is informative and free of grammatical errors.

Track the Progress of your Portfolio and Blogs with Google Analytics

Google Analytics can help you find the web metrics of your online blogs and portfolio. At any point of time, you can easily find out the type, nature and number of visitors who visit your blog/portfolio. Analyzing the google analytics thoroughly will help you find various ways to increase the search engine ranking of your blogs and portfolio. For example, at any point of time, you will be able to view the amount of time the visitors spend on each of the pages of your blog. If you find visitors leaving a page in a sooner time, then you can improve it to interest the visitors. Using popular keywords on your blog and portfolio is also another great way to increase the search engine ranking of your blog. Once you increase the search engine ranking of your blogs, websites and portfolio, you will have numerous employers calling up with freelance offers.


LinkedIn not only allows you to stay connected with your past and current employers, it also helps you to boost your profile by having the employers write a feedback on your work. Nothing works as good as a word of mouth from your existing employer. A good feedback from your employer can bring in more number of jobs to you in a sooner time. Don’t fret if you don’t have any feebacks on your linkedin profile. The good news is that you can send a feedback request to your employers through LinkedIn.

Use these 5 bag of tricks to step up your freelance business. Believe it or not, freelance opportunities are going to pour in your mailbox.

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