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Making The Most Of Your Business: What You Can Do To Enhance Your Brand

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Brand is the image that the client base considers when they think about your product. It is the impression you leave on their minds, and the feelings that image elicits. Thus, brand is a very vital component of any business. However, brand can be inaccurate, and sometimes even misleading. It may negatively affect the business unless something is done to enhance it. There are Philadelphia ad agencies that can handle brand enhancement and other marketing strategies.However, for small businesses, it may be more cost effective to employ brand enhancement practices in-house. Here are some ways to enhance your brand:

brand business

Back to the start

Before you can promote your brand, you must first go back to the basics. Find your target market, and try to view your product through their eyes. Find out how they view your product, as well as how they view the competitor. Conduct surveys and focused group discussions with your potential customers in mind. By doing this, you will be able to see how your product is perceived. If your business perception and their brand perception fail to align, there lies the problem. With this in mind, you are ready to enhance your brand.

Find Value

There is one question that you need to ask to be able to do this. “What can I do that nobody else can?” It need not be a new product or service. It can be an improvement on an old service, or a vital enhancement on an old product. Find that particular service that the business can do well and focus on that. If you don’t have one yet, then make one. A market teeming with competition is a red market, bloody from all the fighting. Differentiate yourself from the other competitors. Find a need that no one else has answered yet. Once you have that, focus on it. This is what will make you stand out from the competition. Make it a vital ingredient of your brand. By doing this, your customers will easily recall your product, making it top-of-mind when they need to purchase something.

Promote your Brand

Once you have formulated your own unique brand, it is time to make it known to the public.
It can be in conventional forms including TV ads, radio ads, and newspaper ads. The advertisements should be able to communicate the brand well, not just the name of the product. Make sure there is powerful product recall just from seeing the brand color, logo, or image. Pick something that can attract attention easily. Think Starbucks and that memorable mermaid head and green color, or Facebook’s blue theme. A catchy slogan can work well with other brand options, but should not be the only choice. Upload videos on video streaming sites and social media business pages, to maximize the number of people to see the brand.

Be unconventional

Engage in unconventional branding ideas. The more peculiar it is, the more memorable the brand is. For example, in the fall of 2006, CBS imprinted 35 million eggs with their logo and had them distributed in different grocery stores nationwide. The eggs were also imprinted with an ad snippet corresponding to a different TV show that the network was planning to hatch by the end of 2006. Some snippets were “Crack the Case on CBS” for CSI, or “Scramble to Win on CBS” for The Amazing Race. It was dubbed as an Egg-vertising. It generated some interest and brand recall in every kitchen in America.

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