Infographic: How An Optical Disc Really works

Optical Disc infographic
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Ever wonder just how different disks operated? Have you arrived at the store and retrieved the wrong CD for your needs. Today, optical discs largely are still a viable form of storage for many social media projects and typically is used to host images for large-scale events. While technology has evolved, the optical disc still has withstood the test of time. It’s important to note the subtle differences in Optical discs. There are three types of optical discs to consider when dissecting their anatomy. Some discs are writable, meaning they have an additional layer for memory storage. Others are standard or commercial discs with pits and lands. Some other combine a dual layered approach.

While technology advances like the Lenovo touch table pc come without disc readers, the majority of PC’s and laptops still have a standard optical disc reader. These readers use laser technology to recognize and read storage on the disc. To get a full analysis of Optical Discs and how they work, look at the graphic below.

Optical Disc infographic

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