10 Amazing Free Fonts for Designers

Cool fonts for smart designers and free fonts for instant download. These are all totally free TTF fonts made to work in web design.


A geometric, experimental sans serif typeface. The concept behind Unite, was to bring together two basic but contrasting geometric shapes, the circle and the square.
free font (1)

Star Avenue

Star avenue is a new font from Dirt2.com that highlights many modern trends in advertising and graphic design

free font (2)


free font (3)

Oval™ free font

free font (4)

Myndraine Font Free

free font (5)

Molot Font Free

free font (6)

Marcelle font

free font (7)

Major Snafu Font

free font (8)

Font O7 Jelly Belly

free font (9)

Alba Font

free font (10)




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