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How to Engage Your Facebook Fans in a Few Simple Steps

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Until not too long ago, all you needed for your Facebook fan page to be a success were lots of ‘Likes’. Logically, there were a lot of online companies that sold Facebook ‘Likes’ to business owners, which consequentially made their fan pages rank higher in Facebook’s search results, thus attracting more and more fans each and every day. However, things have changed significantly in this department. Namely, ‘Likes’ have become almost irrelevant, and interaction has taken their place. So, in order to have a successful Facebook fan page, you will have to make your fans, as well as Facebook users in general interact with your page, which means that you will have to engage them.

Facebook Fan Engagement Equals Fresh and Relevant Content


Regardless of the fact whether you are managing a Facebook group, a personal profile, or a fan page, you will simply have to post fresh and relevant content in order to engage Facebook users and/or your fans. This basically means that you will have to make sure you post status updates regularly, share great tips and tricks, videos, photos, general information, and in fact anything that is fresh and relevant in any way. If you fail to do this, you will never manage to engage your Facebook fans, and this is a fact. They will have a lot more interesting places to visit than your fan page.

What to Post to Engage Your Facebook Fans

Here is a list of 5 different types of content you should post on your Facebook fan page in order to engage your fans:

Status updates – You should post status updates regularly, but you will have to make sure they are short, to the point, and interesting. Also, avoid being too serious and sticking only to your line of business, as this will in most cases bore your fans after some time.

Videos – Posting videos full of relevant information, interesting, educational, or even just funny videos will always engage your fans. Try not to post only funny videos, as this will make you look too casual. Instead, mix it up a bit, with a few videos a week, only one of which should be really funny.

Photos – Much like with videos, you should not concentrate only on posting photos of funny pets or similar things, but you should rather post other interesting photos. Websites such as Flickr can help you find some great photos to post on your Facebook fan page.


Infographics – Recent studies have shown that people respond very well to Infographics, as this rather new type of content is a very powerful tool for getting any message across. So, if you bump into a great infographic while browsing the Internet, be sure to post it on your fan page.

Lists – Rather than posting long blocks of text, you should make fun lists such as ‘Top 10 Ways to Do This’ or ‘The 7 Best Websites for That’. Lists have become amazingly sharable on Facebook, and they will bring you a lot of exposure.

By posting fresh and relevant content to your Facebook page, you will definitely engage your fans more easily and more quickly, and this will result in your page being seen as more relevant by Facebook’s search engine, as well as your potential fans.

Gloria Philips is a guest blogger and content writer. She has written many articles on IT Certifications. She is a certified professional and happy to highlight the importance of Apple Certifications. She recommends Test4Prep for exam preparation.

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