The Empty Shelf Challenge: A Neighborhood Or Book Club Affair For 2014

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There has been a lot of buzz recently about The empty Shelf challenge posed by author Jon Acuff whereby individuals clean off a shelf and fill it with new book titles for the coming year. A fun permutation of this challenge can include a neighborhood block party or even a planning event at your next book club meeting to suggest and select new books. When agreement is reached, it is easy to take the next step and save money when you buy books in bulk cheap from a book wholesaler. To get the conversation going about new releases on the 2014 horizon, we are offering some exciting suggestions to purchase from your book wholesaler. Many offer great discounts on minimum quantities as low as 25 as a way to save.

book club

What to Read in 2014

  • After I’m Gone: penned by mystery writer extraordinaire, Laura Lippman, this book unravels a man’s disappearance and how it affects his daughters’, wife’s, even his mistress’s lives spanning decades. Set to be released in February, 2014.
  • On Such a Full Sea: written by award-winning novelist, Chang-rae Lee, this story projects a barren future in America, portraying a society that is radically limited by social class and labor functions of Chinese immigrants. One supplies the other with high quality produce and fish, with one young woman risking departure into the unknown territories when her lover disappears. Released in January, 2014.
  • Falling Out of Time: David Grossman dares to tread where some fear to follow. Writing about the hidden anguish of a parent losing a child, this astonishing book reveals a greater landscape of sufferers than had been at first believed, while offering redemption and relief in the process. Set to be released in March, 2014.
  • The Stranger; Barak Obama in the White House: This engrossing interpretation by NBC political director, Chuck Todd, suggests that the very quality that propelled Obama to attain the White House, not once but twice as an outsider, is the very thing that has weakened him as president. Charismatic yet somewhat isolated by his erudition and cool temperament, this portrayal of America’s 44th president is set to be released April, 2014.
  • Boy, Snow Bird: Helen Oyeyemi’s first book, Mr. Fox, seduced young and old alike with her imagination and she’s at it again with this fantastical tale about a woman named Boy who becomes the stepmother of Snow Whitman after marrying the girl’s father. Turning the Snow White fairy tale on its head, Boy has a child of her own whom she names Bird, unleashing the ‘wicked stepmother’ in her to deleterious effects. Set to be released in March, 2014.
  • The Noble Hustle: The wry and witty Colson Whitehead has an eclectic and robust readership from writing four novels and numerous magazine articles. This audience base will likely expand even more with The Noble Hustle, a non-fiction satirical examination of the World Series of Poker. Clever and deft, Whitehead is likely to tickle and delight poker aficionados and lay people alike with his exceptional talent. Set to be released in May, 2014.
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  • An interesting list. I read canonical literature. The classics – head to Goodreads for an example. I get pretty snobby about books, I must admit. The classics are the best place to head, though: Orwell, Sartre, Camus, Steinbeck, London, Capote, Solzhenitsyn. You can’t got wrong.

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