Did you blog die while you were sleeping?

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Things happen overnight in the SEO world. With the Panda update, Google punished thousands of sites. But you don’t need a Panda to let your blog die – you may well do it yourself. Here are three great ways for this tragedy to occur.

Over optimizing your blog

This is one of the easiest ways to make your blog die. In our over enthusiasm we want to fill our blog posts with as many keywords as possible and as many times. For example, if your blog is on auto insurance, you would like to stuff your posts with as many variations of this keyword as possible. In most cases this leads to a holy mess which no human being can decipher. In SEO parlance this is called keyword stuffing. Google can become very angry with you if you keep up this kind of behavior and one fine day (or night) you will find that your blog is dead while you were asleep.

Keyword Density and such stuff

Many SEO experts suggest that you keep your enthusiasm limited to 2-3% keyword density. To me even this is unnecessary. You must write naturally and leave the density to nature. You will find that eventually you will get it right. Never get into the optimum keyword density stuff. It may kill your blog. If you are writing on auto insurance, write on the subject not around the keyword.


Misleading your audience

This is a surefire way to let your blog die. I see blog owners making lofty promises – you will make a million dollars in one month – you will get fame, money and find your love in one week – you will save your marriage if you do blah blah blah. You may find some suckers for some time, but quickly you will find your audiences disappear. Don’t make false promises. You must stick to facts and even play it down a bit. Many blog owners ask me a pertinent question. If this trick doesn’t work then how come so many of them are still around. Let me tell you that no one has ever made it big with false assurances. Never fall into their trap and never follow such blog owners. They will drag your blog to death.

Building dubious backlinks

After the Panda update there seems to be a great hurry among bloggers to build backlinks no matter where they come from. Remember the adage – you are known by the friends you keep. This is exactly what will happen to your blog if you keep bad company. You will also be marked as the bad guy. You must avoid this unseemly rush to build backlinks. Do it slowly and steadily. You must endeavor to get links from authority sites – sites which are clean and people visit often.


There are many reasons why your blog may die while you were asleep. But your actions must not be one of the reasons.

Sarah Lamb loves to write on various aspects of online marketing. She also promotes several businesses online and autoinsuranceweb is one of them. You will find more information on Auto insurance here.

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