Dangers That Might Be Bleeding Money From Your Business

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The financial health of a business is easily considered the most important factor in keeping it all running smoothly. Without that, you can’t pay employees, get the services and materials you need. Keeping on top of your finances is essential. Yet there are risks that many business owners fail to recognize. There are some that are bleeding them bit by bit and making them unsustainable. Others that are like powder kegs, just waiting to explode and costing huge amounts when they do. In this article, we’re going to look at some of the dangers you need to start preparing for right now.


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Losing track of costs

One of the easiest ways to start losing money down the drain is by not paying attention to costs that you’re building up. It might be that you’re not saving on important things like web hosting and spotting deals that can lighten the load. Or that you’re not tracking your employees’ expenses. It could even be subscriptions that you’ve forgotten your business is signed up to. Do an audit now and then to see where your money’s going and how you can save.


For a lot of business to business companies, invoices are invaluable. They are the main way they conduct business and get the money they need for their services. When invoices are late or not getting tracked down, they’re costing you money. They’re costing you right up until the moment that pay comes through. Besides systemizing better approaches getting your invoices paid, you should be covering the cost of them. There are all kinds of invoice financing options available for just that reason.


Fraud is one of the crimes that has been drastically on the rise. This has been happening ever since the customer-not-present environment was established. In the short term, the dangers of fraud mostly affect customers. In the long-term, however, it damages trust and the reputation of your business. Not only are you legally obliged to put practices in place to protect customers, such as ID verification. If you don’t do it, you could be losing substantial amounts of custom.

Your employees

Employing people is a big cost to consider. However, it’s not necessarily in the people that you keep. Rather, one of the biggest costs of people in your business is having to get new ones. Employee turnover and training is a lot more expensive that keeping the people you have. You can’t stop people from leaving for new opportunities. You can, however, ensure that the workplace is one that suits their needs and their plans for upward mobility. Giving them less reason to leave is the key.

Unused resources

It’s not just things like forgotten subscriptions that can cost you. Besides services, you can have some very physical unused resources costing you. One of the most common examples of that is the very office space you use. Regardless of whether it’s filled or not, more space costs more money. If yours is going unused, try leasing it out to other businesses instead.

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