The Single Dumbest Reason to Market Online

Here’s a little story about online marketing and the reasons why people and businesses are investing big bucks in small potatoes. The moral of the story? Spoiler alert: Stop doing things because everyone else is. Remember when you…


How Live Chat Can Help Your Business Succeed

It’s rare that a great feature for business goes untapped, but Live Chat has managed to do just that. For those who are unfamiliar, Live Chat is a way for your employees to talk directly with customers in…

Google search

Google launched “Good to Know” Campaign to Educate About Internet Privacy Issues

Google recently got involved in leading the debate by starting a campaign to educate the public about internet safety. Launched at a time when search engines are coming under particular scrutiny over surveillance, data tracking and privacy, the…

web design

How to improve the visual aspect of your website

A few weeks ago, a new selling record was established on ThemeForest and I congratulated its owner; this proved that, no matter the circumstances or competition, the job of a good web designer is well paid. Building and…


How To Overcome Content Block – A Writer’s Survival Guide

It is 8pm and it is time to update your blog but lol, you are having the same sinking feeling and no matter how hard you may try to get your fingers on keyboards, they seem at resistant….


For the Boss with a Big Heart: Save Your Pennies

On paper, the easiest thing to do when your business is struggling is to layoff a few employees, but unfortunately off paper this is the hardest thing to do when your business is struggling. Since our current economy…

The New Wave of Fiber Optics

Growing tremendously during the past years, fiber optics technology has been finding its way to various applications in our daily lives.  Most visibly used in signs, the arts and for decorative purposes such as in Christmas trees, few…