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Building An Effective B2B Website

b2b website
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Having a strong online presence is important no matter what industry you are in, what products or services you are selling, or who your market is. Business-to-business (B2B) is no exception – regardless of how tailored your product or services are or how many advertising campaigns you have going on, you can’t expect much these days without a half decent website.

Arguably you could say that a website is even more paramount to reach B2B consumers. Why? Because they generally have less time, less patience and are only happy to work with consummate professionals.

b2b website

So how do you create a website tailor-made for a B2B audience?

1. It’s all about being professional

Your customers are professionals who are looking for companies to work with that have the same level of professionalism, so it is important that your website demonstrates a professional quality. Not only will this build trust with your clients, but it will also play an important role in building a positive reputation for your company. So make sure that the overall design is designed to make a professional statement and that all of the content goes through a rigorous quality assurance process – one spelling, grammar or factual error could cost you a great deal.

2. Navigation is of prime importance

Easy navigation that is! There is nothing more frustrating than logging onto a website only to find that you can’t locate what you are looking for. Take great care to ensure that visitors to your site can easily find what they are looking for – remember your market is time poor so they want to be able to find content quickly and easily.

3. Speed is crucial

As we have mentioned before, time is a very valuable commodity for professionals. If your site is clogged up with excessive data and content, there is a huge risk that each page will take a long time to load. The average person is known to wait about eight seconds for a page to load before giving up and leaving the site so make sure your pages load efficiently.

4. Don’t beat around the bush

B2B markets generally know what they are looking for and they want to find it immediately. Make sure your site is developed in such a way that your primary products and services can be navigated to quickly and easily. Avoid clouding it with too much information – all content should be straightforward and clear. In this instance, less is more!

A well-designed website should act as an addition to your communication tools. It should run harmoniously with any other promotional materials you have including booklet printing and it should be developed to complement your corporate branding including that on your to business card printing.  

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