5 Blogging Tools To Save Time, Make Money and Grow Traffic

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You know what you have to do. Problem is, you just don’t have the time to do it. Market your blog, develop relationships with other bloggers, maintain Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles… oh yeah, and actually continue to deliver high quality content on a regular basis.

Frustrating, isn’t it?

Well, it all ends right now. Because you’re about to discover five powerful tools to save you time, make more money and… yes… grow your traffic faster than you ever thought possible.

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It all begins with…

Link Assistant

Link Assistant does two things extremely well. First, it searches Google for authoritative websites in your market. It pulls the website’s name, address and any contact information it finds. This alone makes it a powerful prospecting tool.

But the second feature makes it really shine. Once it’s gathered all this contact info, you can create template emails and send them – with the click of a button – to everyone on your list. Then, it tracks who responds to your email, allowing you to track your efforts in one simple interface.

The people at Link Assistant market it as a prospecting tool for reciprocal links (where you offer to link to them if they respond in kind), though I never use it this way.

Instead, I use Link Assistant to pitch guest posts to bloggers, hire contractors (e.g. web designers, writers, etc.) and build a list of leads for strategic alliances.

Now here’s the thing: this is a powerful piece of software, and can be used to spam the living daylights out of people. Do not do this. The key is to provide value in your emails, either by offering a guest post, free goodies for a blogger’s subscribers or a deal which is truly a win/win (instead of “Hi Webmaster, please link to my site…”).

These partnerships will gain you exposure and (hopefully) move you up in the search engines.

But how do you know where your site appears in the search engines? Simple. You use…

Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker lets you keep track of your website’s ranking in all major search engines for various keywords. So if you notice you’ve got several terms of page 3 in Google, you’ll want to promote those pages further to move to page one.

Don’t underestimate this. Over 40% of people click on the first result in Google. Forty percent. So it’s well worth it to keep promoting your content until it reaches the top.

And if you don’t know what keywords to enter, here’s a simple trick: Using the Google Keyword Tool, simply enter your website’s URL (e.g. and – like magic – it returns hundreds of keywords related to your site.

Then export those keywords into Rank Tracker and let it run. You’ll know in a few minutes where your blog ranks for a wide variety of search terms.

Next, you’ll want to build links to those pages using…


SENuke is a link-building beast. It allows you to submit content to hundreds of different sites with push-button ease. Popular article directories, social network sites (like HubPages), press release sites, video sites… SENuke lets you automatically create accounts and submit content to each with just a few mouse clicks.

But it goes a step further than that. Once you’ve submitted content to all those sites, you can also bookmark those pages with dozens of social bookmark sites. Then (through no work on your part), SENuke automatically pulls the RSS feeds from each bookmark account and submits it to almost 20 RSS directories.  Not bad, eh?

Now you can probably guess a lot of people use SENuke improperly. Instead of creating and sharing quality content, they spread garbage content all over the place. This is not a long-term strategy!

So use SENuke for good… not evil. You’ll notice a tremendous difference.

My Blog Guest

MyBlogGuest is awesome for bloggers looking to build their brand. Simply upload an original blog post to the system, and let other websites request exclusive use to it. Then, you can easily select which website you want to publish it within the system.

You can also use My Blog Guest to get free, exclusive content for your site.

SEOMoz Toolbar

The SEOMoz Toolbar makes finding authoritative sites easy. It ranks every website you visit on a scale of 1 – 100 (with 100 being the highest). Getting links from authoritative sites helps boost your website in the Google search results.

So what’s a good number to shoot for? I generally look for websites with a minimum domain authority of 40 (though higher is of course better).

By using these five tools, you’ll undoubtedly get more done in an afternoon than most people do in a week. Which productivity tools do you use? Let me know in the comments below!

Adam Costa is a blogger and professional marketer. He helps small and midsize firms create dynamite marketing materials, from sell sheet printing to brochures.

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