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Recently I had the occasion to choose a WordPress theme and it’s then that I realized how tough it is to do so. Finding the right theme can sometimes be traumatizing. First of all I had to decide whether I could make do with a free theme. There are thousands of great free WordPress themes and you can easily get lost in this maze. Once you come out of it (kinda impossible really), you are faced with another zillion options.

7 Top theme providers

Finally I zeroed in on seven WordPress theme providers. By providers I mean those who provide tens of themes under their name. Here are the seven (randomly chosen without priority)


As the name suggests this provider has a forest of WordPress themes. These are a collection of themes from different developers and there is no common framework. I suppose developers would not like to put their foot in such a jungle of themes. Each theme is different from framework perspective. But end users and bloggers need not worry about this aspect. In fact, setting up themes from Themeforest is amazingly simple. Moreover there is a variety of themes to choose from which I assume covers almost all kinds of subjects.


Elegant themes


This is another WordPress Theme provider who operates under the radar. They have some wonderful themes worth considering. Elegant Themes has something for everyone.



This is actually Genesis framework under which there are many themes. The theme framework is from StudioPress. Since all the themes are created under a specific framework, you can quickly grasp the nuances of the theme. A common framework also means that developers, who customize themes, would find it easy to use. Many great bloggers are using Genesis theme. Genesis people are also known to provide excellent support (the tech kind, not a shoulder to cry on)


thesis theme

Thesis is another theme framework under whose umbrella you would find some great themes. Thesis belongs to DIY themes. Same advantages as Genesis but I found more takers for this theme. There are some awesome blogs created with this framework.



Woothemes has some excellent themes. I found the themes really simple to use. The cost is also quite reasonable. I suggest that you have a look and decide for yourself.



Kriesi is my personal favorite. He uses some nifty CSS and all his themes are unique. I have tried the Newscast theme and it seems perfect. You can buy Kriesi themes from Themeforest site. I would suggest that bloggers looking for some custom themes must have a quick look at this provider.



These guys are worth a look. They don’t seem to be as popular as some other providers but this may be because they don’t sell aggressively enough. Press75 have some very useful themes under their belt. Maybe you would be surprised by the quality of their themes.


As I said earlier it’s quite a task looking at various options. I spent days in this maze till I realized that the choice was simply awesome.

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