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What is the Significance of Preparing For Website Outages and Stoppage?

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Whenever someone wants to start a website, they are excited about it but just want to do it at a budget. While this is the way you start no doubt about that but then eventually you come to realize that what is the importance of having a better host and what is the importance of having a more sophisticated server to handle your requests.


The preparation for the disruption of the services can be essential for the website and here is why:

  1. A website is the main interactive interface between the user and the company and any problems that arises on the website is viewed as the problems of the company itself. This will lead to reputational damage for the company. This has in fact led to lot of problems in past with the companies.
  2. The downtime problems are not there just with the small companies but its there will there even for the big players too. There has been downtime for the companies like Sony, Bank of America, and Trigger, etc. These are the well-documented outages, which were even reported in the media but there are lot of other outages, of which many people are not even aware. For each outage, you might lose customer and money.
  3. The website’s outage is also very bad for the services of the company. Many companies have dealt with both the suppliers as well as the customers on the two ends so if there is a problem on the website, tit is not only going to make your customers visit your competitor but at the same time it affects your relationship with the supplier and B2B clients too.
  4. Some outages can take place due to the scheduled maintenance and other works, which is pre-planned. Now these outages cannot be stopped but there impact can be reduced by informing the clients beforehand. The clients can be made aware of the problems coming and they can understand the issue rather than being suddenly unable to load the website out of nowhere.
  5. The outages that occur due to the hardware or software problems are more deadly. What will happen but you can definitely make it less severe too. You can go in for a customer message for your clients and visitors, who will be apologized for the inconvenience. This can happen pretty fast if you have a website monitoring tool at your disposal. This software will make you aware of a downtime and inform you instantaneously to take action. Another cheaper, yet effective option is to go for a web monitoring service, which can be a subscription type of service, where the third party will monitor your website and intimate you about the downtime statistics. These services are definitely not free but the price that you pay is worthwhile considering the implications.
  6. The last and the most deadly thing that can happen is the attack of the hackers and this can be prevented by using a more secured system and having a regular security check for the loopholes in the system.

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