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Web designing – the most popular kid on block!

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Web 2.0 has added dynamic and interactive elements to otherwise static parties. With increasing number of companies joining the digital space to woo their consumers, the demand for effective web designing has doubled. Marketers are ready to spend what it needs to make a campaign unique, successful and memorable. Designers focus on particular aspects to make the overall work wonders for the brand and the loyal visitors!

Focus: Navigation


Perhaps one of the biggest factors to keep visitors on the website is having a good, solid navigation system that supports all search preferences. In fact more than three-quarters of survey respondents from a recent study say that the most important element is website design is the ease in finding information.

Popular websites like,,, beautifully segmented their web pages with a dedicated left column to ease out searches. One can actually keep on adding filters if they are specifically searching particular stuff. A lot more time saving and offers value to a customer’s interest. It is a technique to develop a loyal customer base for the brand. It is far more important to value customer relationships and bank on the existing customer base than to look out for new or potential consumers.

Focus: Content


It is the reason people visit websites!The quest and search for information was, is, and will remain. It is one of the integral components of a good website and a web designing involves the positioning, layout and appearance aspect of it. A good design targets conversion of potential consumers to leads. Nike, Del Monte and Amazon have amazing web designs that not only attract but also engage the visitors.

While developing content, one must keep few basic things in mind. Will consumers know what the company is all about in seconds?? Will they understand what the page is all about and what they need to do next?? Why should they consider this website better than the competitors?? All these aspects are included in the messaging part of it. Apart from that, it must educate and offer value.  Offering e books, Whitepapers, and videos are a must when it comes to corporate websites. This is sure to nurture prospects through your marketing and sales funnel. Ad campaigns and information about the product or brand should not look like a sales pitch.

Focus: Conversion


The call to action happens only when people find the content good enough to be bought or subscribed. Web page designs must have call to action buttons to make conversion happen. The action buttons like ‘download’, ‘try it for free’ must be bold, big, highlighted, and clickable and clear so that users do not have to keep looking for them. Good CTA designs instigate the probable potential consumers into leads.

Focus: Lead Generation

lead generation

Being able to collect personal details like e-mail address, name, phone number is the first important step of lead generation. Any information that can help to understand the consumer better is valuable for the company. Every organisation needs to maintain a proper updated effective database of its own to know its customer base and tailor make products according to them.

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