How To Overcome Content Block – A Writer’s Survival Guide

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It is 8pm and it is time to update your blog but lol, you are having the same sinking feeling and no matter how hard you may try to get your fingers on keyboards, they seem at resistant. Nothing seems coming out of your mind and you are left with no choice but to submit with resignation to this. But the reality demands you to come up with some awesome posts that people would love to read and share. Since I am a frequent victim of this problem, commonly known as content block, you should try your level best to overcome this problem as soon as possible if you do not want to see the number of visitors is taking a plunge in Google Analytics. So, there is surefire way to fix this recurrent problem, we are going to share some tips that can might help you make yourself immune to this problem as far as possible.


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So, lets take a look:


Do not hit the desk just after returning from the day job. Your brain like anything else on earth needs some rest to refresh itself. Take rest for at least 15 minutes and then you can go and turn on the PC and start typing furiously. But wait have you done the research? If not, you are for sure churning out the same thin content and these days no one is interested in reading content does not add any value. Try to spend at least 15 to 25 minutes for researching on a particular topic and then you can start writing on that topic. Moreover, researching will let you know what kind of topic would like to read these days. It will help you incorporate those things into your blog which will go a long way making you blog a big hit among visitors and if God permits, your blog posts may have some social love. What else you can expect from a post. You are having twin benefits, better online exposure and steady visitors from social media without putting any extra effort.

Have Some Serious Fun:

Blogging is passion and like any other passion; you need to find some fun element in it otherwise, you are sure to face the writer’s block again and again. So, you need to entertain yourself while writing an awesome post that will have an overpowering effect on your writing style as well. Make sure that the posts are lively, fresh and they are quite engaging in nature. Sticky posts are something that people love to g through rather than reading the same old how to and informative articles. While writing, try to amuse the readers by sharing your personal experience and this will have a positive effect on the problem of writer’s block for sure. When you will start adding personal elements in your post, you will for sure fall in love with it. It will unburden from the grinding task of churning article mechanically.


Have a cup of luscious coffee ready. It will act as an inspiration. Whenever you feel let down or start feeling dragging down to the edge of writers’ block, the thought of a cup of coffee will act as a booster and you will start feeling good really good. The same feeling will be reflected in your writing style. You can reward your readers in the same way. Like, you can post a summary of the post at the end so that visitors can have a quick look at the article before they go through it carefully and with meticulous attention.

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