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It’s easily and it took five minutes to create a blog but, unfortunately it takes no more than one month to completely abandon one even if, the respective person started with fabulous dreams in his mind. Having a blog isn’t rocket science but maintaining it seems to be a real provocation. The Internet contains tons of valorous explanations and many ideas about managing a blog but, once again, unfortunately, nothing can replace the endeavor of the blogger.

Very many persons say that a blog that contain quality information, wisely structured in an accessible language is impossible not to get noticed by Internet users. It might be true but only the strong will bloggers are able to resist much time without appreciation. In the complicated formula of success, there is an “invisible” term that sometimes is ignored and causes a lot of troubles. The optimization of a blog consists in these measures that make the respective online presence friendlier to the search engines. Being on the first page or on the first position for a specific keyboard is, usually, a great effort but the respective website attracts almost all the visitors that are searching for the respective word or expression. Therefore, the idea is simple: once a website appears on the first positions for many important keywords surely it is a success and this idea is fully applicable to the entire blogosphere.

Definitely, optimizing your blog for the spiders of the search engines is crucial. The bad news is that this process will be never finished because anytime could be done a test and it may represent an improvement. Also, very important, Google, the most used search engine use to change very frequently his algorithm of cataloguing websites and what was today fair and appreciated, tomorrow may be considered as “black SEO” or having no importance. This post contains the basic measures that must be taken by a blog owner, but you must be aware that these are general principles and each blog has its own particularities.

1. Write for people not for spiders

optimize your blog

Paradoxically, the best SEO measure is not to pay great attention to it. Many bloggers forget that their blog is for readers and everything they do is to satisfy the search engines. This is totally wrong even if the search engines try harder and harder to imitate the human profile. Fresh content, published regularly is appreciate both by human people but also by search engines therefore a first conclusion is deduced: the fresh information, nicely exposed and posted regularly is a first good SEO measure.

2. Relevant and short titles

Relevant and short titles

There is nothing more annoying that a title that has no relevancy with the text in the post and both human and “artificial” visitors don’t like it. A good SEO measure is to limit the number of characters into the title, the majority of the specialists say that 66 is the maximum limit. A second measure is to be relevant with the post.
The bloggers agree with the behavior of the search engine spiders because they try to stimulate the fair competition and the visitors will benefit from. The matter of the title relevancy is the best example that reveals the existence of spiders isn’t something useless, it’s a help for the Internet users.

3. Take care of your blog upload time

blog upload time

Another thing simply disliked by people is the long time to wait until a website is rendered into the browser. Having so many opportunities with just a single click will make people run away from a lazy online presence. Much more, the algorithms of Google take into account the time to upload and, in order to avoid any penalization is better to take care of this aspect. The entities responsible for a longer upload time are the images and videos so pay tenfold attention to these.

4. Alt attribute is mandatory

Alt attribute is mandatory

Some bloggers has the tendency to believe that “alt” attribute (alt is attribute and not tag how the people prefer to call it) is a fade or something ignorable. The chiefs of Google say that it is important and it has a special value in providing clues about cataloguing pictures but also is useful for people that can’t see the images of a website. A part from the SEO specialists states that it isn’t calculated in evaluating the websites but my advice is to treat this matter. If you are completing the “alt” description nothing is lost, isn’ it?

5.URL must be optimized

URL must be optimized

The esthetics of a link is another issue for both spider and humans. The idea is simple: is more relevant and save a lot of time when someone access a link as http://yourblog/this article than http://yourblog/sctb009d . The optimized URLs offer clear description of the posts while the unoptimized version is just a series of letters and numbers.

6. Link building is mandatory but not every link bring value

Link building

We all know that links from other sites are regarded as a positive vote for a website but here are some aspects that must be clearified. First of all, not all the links are useful and some even may conduct to downgrade of the rating. There must be a normal building of these, a link from an adult website to a web design blog isn’t a good solution.
Secondly, the search engines love the naturalness. A website may be penalized in the case that in a very short time hundreds of links are coming from no matter websites. Link building is a long time endeavor and a blog can’t evolve without these.

7. Pay attention to the latest SEO news

latest SEO news

SEO is a very dynamic domain and always a good blogger must be updated to the latest news. In fact, there is a clear logical enhancement: SEO means traffic and traffic means money therefore this reason is enough to take into consideration the importance of optimization.

Are you considering these tips useful? Do you have any idea about how to better optimize the blogs? Please share your impressions with us by using the comment form.

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