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How to Make Boring Topics More Social

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Sometimes what you have to sell or market is not exactly the most exciting topic in the world. This makes it hard to drum up business through your blog or social media links. Boring topics can turn people off or simply not generate any interest. However, there are ways to make even the most mundane topics more social in today’s interactive world.


Create Great Content

This may seem like a no-brainer, but good writing can create interest out of seemingly boring topics. It’s all about how you approach the topic. Bathroom cleaner or roofing nails may not seem all that interesting. Yet, if you use certain writing techniques, you may be able to generate some interest.

  • Find a New Angle – This is where you let your creativity shine. Content is only as boring as you make it. OK, this is not entirely true. There are some topics that are downright boring. Fortunately, you still create an interest by looking at a topic in a different way. Find a unique connection or an interesting angle that does not automatically come to mind when thinking of your topic.
  • Be an Expert – If you have a boring topic, turn it around into a Q&A format. Invite people to ask questions. Mix it up and take some of the silly questions along with the serious ones. Regardless of the topic, people tend to gravitate to someone who is a so-called expert on a certain topic. Be honest about what makes you expert. If you have been in a particular field for years or have a degree that relates to your topic, include that information.
  • Be Funny – Humor can be a valuable marketing tool. Even if you have the most boring topic, a little humor can generate some interest. For years, companies have been able to successfully market products like toilet paper with relative success when turning to humor as a key selling point. The same concept can work in your blog. Just make sure you include certain keywords and phrases to boost your SEO potential.
  • Set Up a FacebookiFrame – This is essentially a mini-website within Facebook. This gives part of your website the same basic functionality you get with regular Facebook. The only difference is that users do not have to click off somewhere else. The most interactive you can make your site or blog, the better.

Analyze Responses

What responses are you getting now? It’s hard to fix something if you do not know exactly where to begin. Read comments on your blog and other existing social sites to find out what people are saying. This includes both positive and negative. It can be hard to take criticism, especially if there is little interest in the topic. Take responses to heart and incorporate some suggestions into the content. People like to know that their suggestions are taken seriously. Plus, you might just get a spike in interest.

Create a Great Headline

The first thing people see on your blog or other social network page is the headline. Even boring topics can come to life with a headline that gets the right kind of attention. Use a play on words or even acknowledge the fact that the topic can be boring. Throw in some keywords in your headline to increase your rank in search engines. A little creativity can direct people right to your blog, regardless of the topic. Once they are there, it is up to you to hold their attention with content. Do a little experimentation, but keep these general guidelines in mind:

  • Keep it short, sweet and to the point.
  • Reference the topic in some way since this is usually your main keyword.
  • Pose an interesting question that you will answer with your content.

Use Images

Any bells and whistles you can add to your blog or page can help create significant interest. Scatter images throughout your blog. Make them somewhat relevant to your topic. If the topic itself is not really all that interesting, use a little creativity with the images. Select images that are related to your topic, but in a more obscure way. Think of it as an updated version of the Six Degree of Separation game. Don’t forget to include a caption to explain your reasoning for selecting a particular image and how it relates to your blog.

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