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Is Your Social Media Traffic Earning Money for your Business?

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If you run an E-commerce business then you definitely know the role that social media plays in marketing and business branding. Studies have shown that the purchasing decision of many buyers is largely influenced by information posted on social media platforms particularly comments posted by friends. There is no doubt that social media platforms determines the success of E-commerce businesses. However, despite the huge benefits that social media brings to E-commerce business, many are still struggling to convert traffic to revenue. So the big question is, are you making money from your social media traffic? If the answer to that question is no, read on to see how you might be able to turn that problem around:

social media

  1. Share informative and engaging content

If you want your audience to take you seriously then you must establish yourself as an expert in the niche that you have specialized on. One of the best ways to show your audience that you are an expert is by sharing informative and engaging content that is beneficial to them. Share engaging YouTube videos, links and stories that will trigger your audience to take an action. Posting fresh and engaging content regularly is imperative because it helps your audience to identify and be in touch with you. Don’t be so predictable, keep things interesting by sometimes sharing information that is not related to your niche. Elissa from The Canvas Factory was kind enough to comment ‘Social channels have always been a really important avenue to our customer, but not always a profitable one. We had to dig down into our metrics to find out what sort of content was working well with our readers, but once we’d put in the work, actual revenue from our social channels really started to ramp up’.

  1. Offer exclusives

One of the best ways to make your audience take immediate action via social media is to offer exclusives like giveaways, sales and discounts. It is a win-win situation. You are going to benefit from huge customer base and your audience are going to benefit from buying products at a subsidized rate. Your audience will also feel special because you will have showed them that you care. They will reward you by being loyal and referring their friends, family members and colleagues to your business brand.

  1. Cross promote

Don’t just utilize one social media platform to promote your brand. It is recommended that you use more than one platform in order to reach more of your target audience. For instance, you can give your Pinterest followers links to Facebook, Twitter followers links to your Instagram and so forth. The more your audiences are exposed to your business brand, the higher the chances of making successful sales.

  1. Always include your contact details

It is vital to always include your contact details to every social media platform that you are using to promote your brand. Customers always tend to avoid businesses that hide their contact information. To establish good relationship with your audience, ensure that you avail your contact information to them so that they reach out to you easily when they want to. You can offer multiple contact channels such as the web address, email address, phone number among many others so that customers can contact your business in the shortest time possible.

  1. Provide Omni channel experiences

As an entrepreneur, you need to ensure that the customer always have the best experience regardless of the channel that they use. This will help make your brand memorable and effective. Conduct your own research and choose a reliable customer engagement company knows how to integrate consumer conversations seamlessly from one platform to another.

  1. Ensure that the platform is mobile friendly

Research has shown that most people nowadays use their smartphones to engage in various social media platforms. This means that if customers finds out that your site is not mobile friendly, then they will spend as little time as possible. It is very difficult for customers to identify with a business has not established a mobile friendly platform. This will work against you because you won’t be able to convert traffic to sales. There are many options that you can use to make your site mobile friendly. One of the most recommended methods is responsive design. Another recommended option is adaptive delivery that utilizes HTML code and CSS to display different versions based on factors such as traffic source, device and geography.

  1. Make the transition seamless

The reality is that social media are not websites, they are just complimentary platforms that helps you market your brand. You need to make the transition easy by ensuring that you have well-functioning website that provides more information about your business as well as products. Your main aim to convert visitors to customers so everything needs to lead to that goal.

  1. Don’t forget to include a compelling call to action

Then main goal of all your social media account is to bring in new customers as well as maintain the current ones. To do this, you need to always come up with a compelling call to action to keep your audience engaged. However, it is very important to always specify the action you want your audience to take. For instance, do you want to your customers to drop by during business hours or do you want them to call your business to set up an appointment? Ensure that you are specific.

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