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30 Amazing Examples of iOS Icons

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Touch screen gadgets are the latest in thing. Burst in the demand for touch devices has also stimulated the web developers to design unique range of the web apps. The apps present on the touch devices are accessed with the help of icons. A single click on the icons and the responsive platform opens up before the users. Therefore, the apps developers have to give due attention for developing a creative and attractive icon which will draw the attention of the users. Though it is extremely difficult for the designers to show their creativity and skill in the limited space, but they have to make the best use of it to draw more users.

Moreover, some operating systems accept only clean and simple icon design, while other supports detailed and complicated designing even within the limited space. The iOS platform supports 3D icon designs and thus providing the designers with the scope to extend their creativity and come up with awesome design. Within the limited space, the designers are expected to pay attention to minor detailing of the image and thereafter come up with a realistic image for the apps.

We have collected designs of thirty premium iOS icons from the internet in this editorial. Though all the designs are of commonplace things, but the readers should notice the meticulous designs of these icons. The realistic designs of these iOS icons might also force some to think that the icons were photographed and not created through graphic designing platforms. These amazing examples will be a good source of inspiration for the designers who are engaging in such task for the first time.

1. Apple Mail app

iOS Icon 01

2. App Store

iOS Icon 02

3. Back of the instagram icon

iOS Icon 03

4. Calendar icon

iOS Icon 04

5. Cola iOS Icon

iOS Icon 05

6. Crome iOs

iOS Icon 06

7. Dribbble App icon

iOS Icon 07

8. Finder

iOS Icon 08

9. GBA iOS Icon

iOS Icon 09

10. Gmail iOS

iOS Icon 10

11. Golf Spain HD Icon

iOS Icon 11

12. Home button

iOS Icon 12

13. iCal

iOS Icon 13

14. Icon

iOS Icon 14

15. Icon Basket

iOS Icon 15

16. iMac

iOS Icon 16

17. iStat Menus icon

iOS Icon 17

18. iTunes Black

iOS Icon 18

19. Launchpad

iOS Icon 19

20. Learn

iOS Icon 20

21. Mail flurry style

iOS Icon 21

22. Medical App Icon

iOS Icon 22

23. Messenger icon

iOS Icon 23

24. Notes iOS icon PSD

iOS Icon 24

25. Paintbrush

iOS Icon 25

26. Pizza App iOS Icon

iOS Icon 26

27. SkyDrive icon

iOS Icon 27

28. Social linkedin box white Icon

iOS Icon 28

29. What I Eat

iOS Icon 29

30. Wunderlist icon

iOS Icon 30

Jamal is a freelancer for many years, passionate in collecting logos,wall papers,icons and many more. In his free time he loves to design medical icons.

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