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10 online presences to find out everything about HTML5 and CSS3

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HTML5 and CSS3 were some of the most used terms in web design community last year and it seems that the trend will keep in the next year. As you probably know, this byname practically describes the base of the next best practices in creating websites. Even if, the skeptical/conservator ones considered that the previous versions were still OK, the Internet must evolve and clearly, new ideas and techniques must be created. The need for more interactivity, the easiness of accessing websites and the wish to bring in our lives the new web 3.0. are imperatives that simply determinate the improving of the previous versions of HTML and CSS.

On the other hand, the mobile devices bring a new approach for coding websites. The multitude of displays is a real problem but there are many other aspects that need a new strategy in order to create very accessible websites no matter which terminals are used. The term “responsive design” is designated to represent all these techniques to make websites accessible for all devices and quite probably will share the same importance with HTML5 and CSS3.

Under these circumstances it is easy to understand that the next few years will represent a cornerstone for design and development. A coder that ignores HTML5 & CSS3 and responsive design is one that simply doesn’t want to exist, therefore the study of these is mandatory. The great news is that these aren’t totally new, in fact there are many improvements of the old versions and just few 100% novelties.

The web designers are always busy and the time spend to search for the latest news about the new versions may be saved by bookmarking this post because here are added the best online resource in this field. Definitely, a complete designer must seek for the books of experts or listen to various podcasts but clearly, this post is very useful. Much more, not to waste much time, there are only ten sources, the very good ones, but it doesn’t mean that there aren’t other great online presences deserving to check for staying updated on the Internet.
Without practice, all the lectures are in vain so there remains the old advice, universal valuable: practice is gold!

1.W3 org

html5 css3

HTML is merely evolving and be sure, HTML5 won’t be the last version or the perfect one. The web designers will merely try to offer new approaches and the websites will be more and more interesting, interactive and simple to use. The best prove to support this affirmation is the fact that there is no official fifth version, it’s a draft that may be improved by anyone. Anyone who wants to know the latest news about HTML5 must visit the above address. There, you can find the official draft. It’s complete and offers a good vision but it’s pretty difficult to read and somehow the website isn’t very attractive.

2.Dive into HTML

html5 css3

A more attractive format, but having less information (but you shouldn’t consider it as being amateurish, totally wrong) is Dive into HTML5. This is nothing more than a book that may be read from your computer or any other devices.

3.HTML5 tutorial

html5 css3

If the previous sources were mostly theoretically oriented, now it’s time to start practicing. This blog is dedicated to HTML5 and it’s very good to read the posts, these are a useful combination of tutorials, best practices, “magical” tips and so on.


html5 css3

For the very industrious designers, it is quite probable that the previous source wasn’t enough but these categories are surely relevant and contain very useful tips and tutorials. Patiently, by reading each post and understanding the techniques behind them it is impossible not to became a good expert. Another advantage is the fact that there are different posts about HTML and CSS.

5.HTML5 news

html5 css3

Here is another good source of staying updated; no matter if the name is HTML5 news, there are also novelties about CSS. Instead of describing, it is better to check.

6. Sitepoint

html5 css3

This blog is well-known amongst designers and the articles related to the HTML5 are written by the best specialists, therefore it is mandatory to check it regularly.

7.W3 org

html5 css3

If someone wants to be involved in the creation of a better CSS or wants to see the opinion of the artisans of the new Internet then here is the source to be checked.

html5 css3

CSS3 info is a very good and detailed source to keep updated with the evolution of CSS. There are tons of precious advices, tutorials and news. The high quality of the articles is the main reason of selecting this source to be part from this list.


html5 css3

Here are tons of posts about CSS3 and I doubt someone considers that there you can’t find the information needed.

10.HTML5 gallery

html5 css3

Web design isn’t only about knowing and applying techniques and codes, it includes a more subjective entity, inspiration. Without it, no matter how qualified is someone, the project realized will be correct and will work but won’t be attractive. The websites galleries are really useful and here is one that deserves to be bookmarked.

These resources are enough to make one familiar with what suppose HTML5 and CSS3 but also, by reading and learning constantly, anyone may became a real specialist and a good practitioner.

James is a creative designer, blogger and a active developer of webmaster tools. He maintains a network of blogs and tried almost all known hosting company services. He maintains few hosting advisory blogs and love to help people choose cheap domain hosting time to time.

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