A Collection of Refreshing Green Business Cards

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Most businessmen choose formal colors such as black, blue and white for your business cards because of these appear more corporate and proper. In other words, you use these colors because these are considered safe. However, in the world business, safe can mean boring. If your aim is to stand out, choosing too common colors is not the way to go. Choose a color that brings out pleasing psychological effects on people like the color green to earn a high-response rate.

Green gives a soothing and relaxing vibe to people, thus making this the ideal backdrop for your business cards. This color also symbolizes life, balance, and growth which can be associated to your business. If you need more ideas on how to use the color green in your business cards, here is roundup of refreshing business cards to inspire you:

The right choice of color and business card printing company is all you need to have striking business cards. Use green to stand out from your competitors’ boring and safe-looking business cards. Also remember to choose a credible online printing company to ensure the quality of your cards.

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