Beware – Google Panda is ready to strike again

google panda
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Again? Unfortunately, this seems to be the case and it’s not me saying this. As usual, the Google guys let the cat outta the bag in a conference in Austin, Texas. It seems that this time around the Google Panda algorithm is going to penalize over optimized sites. So what do the common folks like us do? Probably scurry around and find ways to under optimize our sites? Sounds funny but there it is.

google panda

How do you under optimize your site?

This is something which has been confounding the best brains in the world. Google wants you to optimize your sites so that visitors find what they are looking for. At the same time, they penalize sites which have more keywords than the optimum density. Actually Google has never specified what the right keyword density is – you have to somehow divine it. Coming to the latest Google Panda attack there are some things you can do.

  1. There is a lot of emphasis on the Title. Many SEO experts (and therefore everyone on the internet) feel that you must have your keywords in the title. Meanwhile   grammar and stuff are given a go by. You must first start with the title because over optimization starts here. Make your titles as natural as possible. Don’t stuff your title with keywords. I would recommend one keyword for every five titles. It’s tough to undo all that you have done but if you want to avoid the Panda, you better do it now. If you look at it from Google perspective this seems to be the obvious place to look for keyword stuffing. If all your titles have the same keywords, I can assure you that you are done for and I am not joking.
  2. The second issue is internal links. I have been doing this consistently and I am sure others have been doing it too. My sidebar, footer and the content contain links which are repeated. It seems that Google considers this as over optimization. I would recommend that you remove all the links from sidebar and footer. Holy cow! How am I going to live with this? You better reconcile with the fact that too many repeated internal links can get you penalized. The keyword here is ‘Natural’. Be natural and things should work out fine.
  3. One thing which is common to all SEO folks. Every one of us likes to put some content in all pages which would attract search engines. This has almost become like a reflex action. It’s time you got rid of this reflex action. Imagine that you are listening to some great music and suddenly there is gibberish. It’s the same for your content. Don’t add material just like that. Google can identify such stuff and it’s now about to punish you for it.


The new Panda update is about attack and it’s time you found some protection.

Sarah lamb is an avid blogger and likes to dwell on the nuances of writing for blogs. In addition to writing she  is presently promotion fuel cards an effective way to save fuel.

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