Branding on Instagram: 3 Ways to Get Your Company Recognized

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As more companies dip their toes into the ever-warming waters of Instagram, including communications giant Android, who is now giving users access to the free app, the question remains: is it actually helpful for your brand to use a platform that in virtually no way directly links to product purchases?  With Starbucks and hundreds of other marketing goliaths jumping on the Instagram bandwagon, one really has to wonder.  And while using popular internet sites like is a good way for others to find out about your business, Instagram offers another unique and especially personable way to market your brand.  The following are three easy ways to use Instagram effectively to achieve a high follower rate.


1.  Post Interesting, Brand-Specific Images

Grabbing a prospective client’s attention, especially with interesting content that’s related to your brand, is a sure-fired way of attaining followers.  Continually using a specific #hashtag or a repeat theme for your pictures will make those interested in your content keep coming back.  As an example, NH hotels continually posts pictures of stunning sunrises to its Instagram account, which as a hotel is a clever way of drawing clients int with the spectacular views that their hotels cleverly boast.

2.  Post Frequently, but Consistently

Posting a relatively constant (and not too high) number of photos each day keeps your audience in the know… they’ll be expecting and looking forward to your daily pictures.  If you allow yourself to slip in this regard, and post infrequently or inconsistently, just as with anything else in life, we easily distracted humans (read: “clients”) will likely forget about you fast.

3.  Get the People Involved

Companies like Levi’s are asking their customers to get involved in unique ways using Instagram.  Levi’s latest social campaign asks viewers to send in pictures of themselves with the hashtag #iamlevis, in search of the new “face of Levi’s” – talk about appealing to the people.  Send in a picture of yourself and you could be the next top Levi’s model.

Although it’s still unclear exactly how big of an impact Instagram is having on retail sales and client retention rates, it’s obvious that something’s happening here.  In this instance, it’s probably better to be on the safe side and jump on the bandwagon.  At worst you’ve spent a little time each day posting cool pictures.  At best, you get your brand recognized and spread to a much broader audience than you thought possible with a free service.

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