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Common Predicaments Designers Must Resolve

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It is almost inconceivable to say that any profession is free of problems and issues. People normally attribute a designer to be a happy-go-merry person whose job is all fun and no tension. Well folks, the reality is otherwise. Designers have just about as much predicaments and troubles as any other professional has. Problems are everywhere but there isn’t always a solution available for it.

Moreover, as we move into the age of cutting-edge technology and complex knowledge base, it is not easy to tackle predicaments. Handling every day habitual issues is relatively easy, but when you come across predicaments that are unusual, that is worrying. Through my post, I wish to highlight the 5 common tight spots that designers must quickly resolve in order to streamline their design process. Since you know that old habits are the most difficult to get rid of, you should learn them from the start.


1. Achieving Tough Targets:

This is one predicament that you will not be able to unravel through theoretical knowledge. Achieving tough targets and deadlines is every designer’s major problem. It isn’t painless for creative artists to hear the nasty things customers say when their project is not accomplished punctually. Even though a designers’ individual issues comes in between the venture due date, the client is not willing to hear silly excuses. It basically turns out to be a competition against time. Consequentially, the venture has to be accomplished in a hurry which creates a mess.

2. Managing Work Stress:

Albeit this is one thing that every professional encounters, but for visual artists, this situation is all the more difficult. Managing too much stress contains working with intricate, complicated software and taking on tough customers all at once. Even though some stress is beneficial to yield efficiency of an individual, excessive pressure causes decreasing of overall performance which eventually impacts your design project.

3. Maintaining Work-Life Balance:

You might think that personal life is a separate issue, but it does affect your work performance as a designer. Maintaining equilibrium between your office and home lifestyle is very vital in any occupation. This is the primary rationale why visual artists have obscurity in deciding whether to perform as a freelance or employed designer. Most visual artists are unsuccessful in meeting their due dates owing to their incapacity to stabilize individual and office life.

4. Tackling Difficult Clients:

I believe this is the most persistent predicament that can never disappear for creative artists. While customers are the main cause of income for a professional, they can also be major cause of headaches too. Commencing from the problem of invalid payments and fee bargaining to the predicament of interacting with frustrating and domineering customers, this is an endless issue.

5. Prioritizing Work:

Unorganized performance always causes inefficiency for designers. When you have excessive elements trapped in the ‘to-do list’, you are certain to drop behind your project agenda. Every now and then, this happens with visual artists because they don’t know how to prioritize their design projects and tasks.

By resolving all the above mentioned predicaments, designers can fasten their work pace and bolster their ability to work efficiently on design projects.

Henry James is a designer and blogger who runs Logo Contest Reviews. On his site, you can check out comparisons like 99designs vs CrowdSPRING and facts about 99designs scam.

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