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5 Top Brands That Crowdsourced Their Design Needs

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Since its inception in 2006, numerous misguided justifications have taken place over the subject of “crowdsourcing”. But the simple fact is that this concept is quickly getting public preference in the industry. You may come across some people who are in opposition to the exercise of crowdsourcing. This is partially because many famous corporations are selecting crowdsourcing to fulfill their design requirements.

Regardless of what judgments exist on the idea of crowdsourcing, major brands and companies have established that it is a helpful, sensible and affordable option to get a design need completed. They have comprehended the influence and prospect of crowdsourcing and the reality of receiving countless design concepts to choose from. You will be amazed to find out how many renowned brands and multinational companies have got their logos made from logo design contests.


Below are 6 prominent crowdsourcing projects that involve famous brands using online design contests:

1. LG ‘Mobile Design’:

LG, a giant name in the industry of consumer electronics, also used the concept of crowdsourcing a few years ago. With the purpose of learning and realizing the potential anticipations of consumers, LG Electronics employed the services of crowdSPRING to start a mobile design contest. Their intention was to gather design concepts as to how mobile phones will be desired to look like in the near future.

2. Toyota ‘Logo Design’:

Only a small number of people are cognizant of the truth that Toyota Car Manufacturing acquired its first logo through a logo design contest. The story dates back to 1936 when Toyota Motor Corporation required an emblem for their cars. They started a contest in which 27,000 design entries were received. The chosen logo design included three Japanese katakana characters representing the word “Toyoda”.  Consequently, the name was altered afterwards by Risaburō from Toyoda to Toyota.

3. Google ‘Favicon’:

You will be surprised to hear that Google, ranked as number 1 site on Alexa’s Global ratings, also employed a design contest to acquire their ‘G’ favicon. It was back in 2008 when the contest was launched and the winner adjudged was André Resende, a design student belonging to Brazil. Asides this, Google Corporation uses the concept of crowdsourcing each year for its ‘Google Doodle Competitions’.

4. CrowdSPRING ‘ Logo Design’:

Regarded as one of the top contest sites for crowdsourcing projects, CrowdSPRING itself has also used the concept for their logo design. Even though it has now a designer community of over 100,000 designers, CrowdSPRING acquired an identity for its website by starting a logo design contest on 99designs. This was a very bold and brave step as 99designs is their biggest rivals in the crowdsourcing industry. Several 99designs review on the internet have revealed that the logo for CrowdSPRING was designed for a total of $200.

5. Olympic Airlines ‘ Logo Redesign’:

The Olympic Airlines is also known to have launched a design contest to acquire a redesigned version of their brand identity. Back in 2009, the contest was started to rebrand the old Olympic Airlines identity. There were three main contenders for the prize. The 2nd and 3rd place bagged 4,992 and 2,472 votes correspondingly, while the winning logo bagged 11,652 votes. Winning designer was Panos Triantafyllopoulos who collected a cash award of 20,000 Euros.

Henry James is a designer and blogger who runs Logo Contest Reviews. On his site, you can check out comparisons like 99designs vs CrowdSPRING and facts about 99designs scam.

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