Top Ten Creative Blogging Ideas

Blogging ideas
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You are wondering what exciting new thing you can try out for a week or two, before you get bored and try the next best thing. Writing blogs is the easiest, most fun way to express yourself and achieve new levels of creative thinking. And just as how life is diverse and unpredictable, so shall too your blog be intricate and ever so involving. You can write on a whole variety of topics, depending on your personal preferences. Write about what you like the most, and the readers will follow.

Blogging ideas

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Blog About Your Cat

Who doesn’t love those furry little pests, I mean pets, especially if that is the only thing you are qualified to write about. Nevertheless as creative as writing about your cat is, it is still the preferred topic of many bloggers around the internet. You’d be surprised just how many people read this kind of… news.

Blog About Yourself

It could be interesting if you are an interesting person I suppose, or a very good liar. Either way it is a great method for getting attention, be it good, bad or neutral. Blogging about you accomplishments, as fabricated as they might be, is a great way to peddle your writing and get some recognition while you are at it.

Blog About WordPress Themes

What better way to spend your free time than to write about WordPress themes. The truth is that this topic is quite big; meaning that you must dedicate a whole lot of your free time to researching the various themes and updates. You can even feature a small selection of original themes or themes for sale; either way it is a good opportunity to make some easy money on the side.

Blog About World Events

Do more of a commentary rather than news style reporting. I mean if I wanted to know what is happening in Syria, I would never stoop so low as to read about it on an amateur’s blog. But if you add a little Hunter Thompson kind of vibe to it, people might actually stay and read your opinion on the matter.

Blog About Food

If you are not the educated type or generally don’t care about what is happening around you, then writing about food might be the only way to go. You can have a little recipe section, a little herb and spices manual and of course – a lot of happy people eating food. I mean who doesn’t like a good tasting meal, and reading about it… Best blogging idea ever!

Blog About Politics

Many people get rowdy when someone mentions politics. Just pick your favorite party and become and instant propaganda machine. Of course choosing the popular party is pretty much intuitive, but I fell like I should mention it nonetheless. Don’t skimp on the curse words and controversy and you will have a lot of readers. Promise.

Blog About Space

I can’t remember a good space exploration video that I didn’t enjoy. You can steal as much information of the internet as you can, and wrap it up nice and tight with your own style of presenting discoveries etc. Read about NASA’s latest achievement and then write about it on your blog.

Blog About Smartphones

We live in such a day and age where if you don’t have a smartphone you are labeled a rebel and a free thinker, and we cannot have any of that, now can we? Write reviews about current flagship smartphones; their features, their price, applications, functions etc. Just make it sound professional and in good taste.

Blog About Nature

There are a lot of tree-huggers out there would would simply adore anything that has ‘nature’ in the title. It shouldn’t be something pro-active (you don’t want to actually DO anything to help nature, now do you?), but rather some new-age hippie talk which would gather the attention of crowd.

Blog About Conspiracy Theories

Nothing brings the freaks quicker than the good old fashion conspiracy website (blog). People simply LOVE to write about aliens, big foot, the government, the corporations and all that jazz. Remember to add some cheese horror flick soundtrack to make yourself seem more… professional.

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