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Common Excuses Used by Designers to Cover their Mistakes!

Written by Nora Reed

On most design blogs, we mostly get to read articles that criticize logo design clients. We seldom get to read the other side of the story, i.e. the logo designers and their misconducts. Although being one myself, I realize how annoying some clients can be for logo designers, but we should also explore the other part of client-designer relationship as well.

It is a known fact that a perfect relationship is based on mutual respect. But most designers overestimate their parts while undermining the clients. Some designers have a habit of not admitting their mistakes. They would even go to the point of blaming clients in order to cover up their blunders. Here are some common excuses that logo designers use to hide their mistakes:

Blaming the Client:

In most cases, when the client points out some mistakes in the design, the designer refuses to accept them. They would use the pretext that since they obtained the logo design brief from them and that makes it the client’s fault for the blunder. Even though you obtained a brief, this doesn’t mean that the client has no right to ask for some alterations in the design. You cannot expect a client to give you word by word details and you should rely on your skills to make sense out the brief.

Using Minimalism as a Shield:

Another excuse that some designers use to hide fallacies in their design is Minimalism. Although it is a trend in logo design, it is being overly used as a pretext to cover up for sloppy work. What some designers do is that if they fail to turn up within the deadline, they would pass off anything as minimalist design. But minimalism requires great deal of intelligence and relevance to succeed.

Bragging about Famous Clients:

When some designers are caught with a blunder, they would start bragging about their famous client list and how they have been working with “major brands” in the past. They would argue that since they were a part of a famous creation, they cannot be erroneous. But what you create for other clients may not be relevant for your current clients.

Boasting about Experience:

All the famous and renowned designers and artists are modest and humble in nature. You will never find prominent designers boasting about their talent and artistic work to their customers since their creative faculty are proof of that. Some designers, when caught with a mistake, start to brag about their experience and knowledge to the client. They would insist that since they are experienced, they cannot be wrong.

In conclusion, I would like to advise my fellow clients not to be overconfident and try to be modest and humble. Accepting your mistakes will make you a better and successful logo designer.

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