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5 Worst Web Design Errors To Avoid In 2013

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No one can come up with a perfect website with no space for any mistakes and even no one has a goal to include so many mistakes in a website. However, you cannot get success, if you have more blunders in your website though you do not have any intention to create them. Most of the times, the web design blunders are mainly responsible for not receiving more visitors to your site. Once the user visits your site and gets to know that there are so many web design mistakes available at your site, then that restricts the visitors from visiting your site again. The basic step of attracting more users to your site lies in how careful you are with your web design. If you are a professional web designer and you wish to build up your credibility and name, then you should mainly focus how to improve the user’s experience when visiting your website. You should make your visitors to feel coming back repeatedly to your site. Just take care to avoid the worst web design mistakes that are given below while designing your website.

web design

Slow loading time of the webpages

People are most fascinated towards the work fast, quick and instant. Therefore, if your webpages take more time to get loaded, the visitors will obviously feel irritated and prefer to choose some other site of the same category that loads faster than yours. No one today wants to wait for the webpages until it gets loaded. There can be two possible causes for slow loading of your webpages. They are including large graphic files and overuse of too much of graphics in your site. Adding more images, animations and graphics to your site will make it to load more slowly.

Incorrect font size

This is one of the most annoying and common mistakes that most of the web designers do. They will make the font size either too small or too big. Many prefer to include small texts because of the reason that they will get more space in a page to include more information. It is ok, but the visitors will have a tough time in reading your text, if it is too small. Some web designers do include very big texts on the websites. Big fonts are highly unattractive. Particular, when you look them on a low-resolution screen, it will be such a nuisance.

Improper colour combinations

Even if your font size is perfect, if you have not chosen a perfect colour scheme for your fonts, there you lose the game. Many websites serve as a perfect example for this horrible blunder. Simple things work best always. If you choose black font colour to be displayed against a white background, then it will be nice and easy for the visitors to read the content. Instead, if you use multiple colours for multiple lines of text, then just imagine how unformed and immature it will be. A better alternative for font colours is you include minimum graphics in your webpage to introduce some interference of different colours.

Failed loading of links

The web designers follow two different approaches when it comes to including the web links in their webpages. One set of designers follow an approach of including links in the webpage that opens the link in the same tab or browser whereas, the other set of designers provide links that opens the webpage in the new tab or browser. For most of the visitors, it will beuncomfortable and annoying to see the external links failed to open in the new tabs. If the external links open up in a new tab or window, then it will be comfortable for the visitor to link the content with the original page and external page without losing the track.

Unnecessary pop-ups

People are highly annoyed with the unnecessary pop-ups. It kills their valuable time because they have to close all the pop-ups that pop up every time. The most irritating fact is though you close most of the times they again pop up thus making the user experience too bad. That too, if the pop-ups are just ads, then the visitors will get highly irritated and distracted. It lets them to have a different focus from your website content. Most of the visitors will consider your siteas a spamming site, if you have more pop-ups in your website. Therefore, take care to restrict them in your site.

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  • Web pages should be loaded within minimum time, when you use heavy images and graphics on a web page it takes longer time in loading which irritates users and they leave your website immediately which also increases your website’s bounce rate.

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