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Enter 2014 with the Hottest Trends in Social Media Marketing

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Our power packed digital world is all set to make a mad dash into the world of social media marketing in 2014. There have been many positive and meaningful changes in the world of  advertising and in the ways in which marketers have been exploiting the powers of networking and internet based capabilities– to reach out to a wider audience.

Read on for the most intriguing trends that are bound to create more forceful impacts in the coming year.

social media

Twitter and Facebook Advertising

Facebook or Twitter: which is better? This debate is likely to continue next year too. With more than 1.18 billion users (with 58 percent being active on a daily basis), Facebook is certainly here to stay. This networking forum has proved to be an immediate hit with teens, adults and corporate players alike and provides the perfect marketing platform for all brands –especially small & medium businesses (SMB). With substantial efforts and allocation of resources, Facebook advertising Singapore can help you reap rich returns.

However, one thing is sure: 2014 is bound to be the year of Twitter. This 7 year-old platform is becoming increasing popular in select verticals; namely travel, hospitality, apparels and healthcare. Twitter is an effective service platform for your lead generation, customer service and R&D requirements too.

Marketing on Snapchat

This trendy and hot mobile application is helpful in sending out the right messages—be it short videos, graphics or text, called “snaps”. These interesting marketing tools are programmed to auto destruct after a defined period of time elapses. With 5 million active users and more to its credit, this social media form is an active agent for all your marketing needs.

Google Plus…finally!

According to research reports, Google Plus now boasts over 540 million active members. This makes it rank at the second place on the most popular social media marketing channels –after Facebook. It has all the SO ingredients in place and plays an interesting role in the digital marketing landscape. The efficiency and effectiveness of Google+ cannot be doubted and it is a fully matured stand-alone marketing application that promises to give good shape to your marketing strategies in 2014.

Collaborations with Mainstream Players

2013 was rightfully the year of collaborative economy and managed to make great strides in the public and social media agora. Users are now bypassing traditional marketing channels to deal in a direct and effective manner with their targeted clients. The trend is not restricted to hospitality or tourism alone and is finding its way into other verticals as well.

Upload Videos

Videos are in and they are expected to continue with their onward ascent in the world of social media networking and marketing. With You Tube’s popularity on an all time high and a steady rise in the video capabilities of Instagram and Vine, the going certainly looks good for marketers using short video clippings or movies for their online efforts.

With so much and more in store, there is a lot to wait for in the coming year. Social media popularity is increasing by leaps and bounds and providing the ideal solutions for marketers and advertisers around the world—join the bandwagon, today!

Marcus Ho is a highly sought-after Social Media Strategist who specializes in revenue-driven campaigns on social media for businesses. Well known for his cutting-edge, fresh insights and proven strategies, Marcus has successfully helped over 200 corporations and SMEs to rake in hundreds of thousands within very short periods of time.

Some of his clients include:

Qatar Airways, 3M, PernodRicard, DassaultSystèmes, FreshKon, Home-Fix, Scanteak and Singapore Management University. Most recently, his campaigns have also won internationally acclaimed awards such as Smitty’sTravel+Leisure.

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