Tips to Prepare Your Home for Summer

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With just weeks away from sweltering temperatures, extreme weather warnings, and mosquito invasions, this year is expected to be especially hot in the last decade. Before summer throws at you everything it’s got, make sure your home is prepared.

Include passive design strategies

Conditioning your home takes a lot of energy, not to mention the cost in the peak hours. On the other hand, passive design strategies use natural elements to keep your home cool and comfortable. Ease the load of your AC unit by planting trees and installing overhangs in front of your windows, especially on the side that receives the most sun.

Paint the roof white

Former U.S. Secretary of Energy and a Nobel-prize winning scientist Steven Chu has proposed an ingenious energy-saving idea that keeps both houses cool and reduces the heat island effect in urban areas. He estimated that by painting every roof white, we could reduce emissions as if we removed every vehicle from the planet for 11 years. Individual households could expect the energy costs to plummet, as white colour reflects the light and heat back towards the sun, instead of accumulating it in the attic.

Bring the garden back to life

In summer months, your outdoor areas play an important role when it comes to entertaining, family moments, or even staycation. Set a weekend or two to mow the lawns, trim trees and bushes, remove weeds and check if your drip irrigation is working. One of the best parts of having a garden is firing up the barbecue with loved ones on smooth evenings. Give your BBQ a good clean, paying special attention to the grill. Sweep the deck and hose down your outdoor furniture to move unwanted dirt, dust, and spiders.

Clean your house

Open up the windows and blinds to let a little fresh air and sunlight in. According to professional organiser Nicola Evans from Melbourne, for a lot of Australians, spring cleaning is more about psychological benefits than the home benefits aesthetically. De-clutter your home and put all the winter rugs and blankets to storage. Make sure you have a rubbish-removal plan to avoid the mess moving from inside to outside. People behind this company for rubbish removal in Sydney regularly remove household waste, such as old furniture and appliances, textiles, carpets, and paper, recycling most of what they take away. Once free of unwanted clutter, liven up your home with some fresh plants and crockery.

Keep crawlies at bay

Living in a diversified biome such as Australia, people are used to finding creepy crawlies inside and outside their homes. However, it’s in those scorching summer days that they seem to stir the most. You can prevent pests by making sure your house is clean, but also consider having your home professionally sprayed for roaches, termites, and ants. In addition, repair any cracks or gaps where they could be entering. Mosquitos are hands down one of the biggest nuisances in summer, so stock up on citronella candles and make sure the mosquito screens on your doors and windows are intact.

Prepare for bushfires

If you live in an area that is prone to bushfires, these preparations should become your religions routine every spring. The New South Wales Rural Fire Service recommends cleaning your gutters free of leaves and debris, repairing damaged or missing roof tiles, enclosing any areas under your house, keeping your lawns short and fitting seals around windows and doors. With these precautions, your home will be able to resist embers, and if it does fall to a bushfire, they will help firefighters localize control the fire better.

The most important tip for the festive season is to be prepared for more than you expect, whether it’s the excess heat or droves of guests. People are more likely to drop unannounced in summer than any other season, giving you less time to prepare your house, so make sure to make the most out of spring preparations.

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