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Every social media marketer feels uneasy when he is asked by client to justify his spending on social media campaign. It is a sensitive issue and, since business owners are going to invest their hard-earned money on it, it is your responsibility to come up with something tangible. It will be hard to convince business owners, unless you make them see that your social media activities are measurable to a certain extent. Though it is not that easy, there are some tools available that can simplify the process to a great extent. However, picking up the best tool is a trouble by itself since there are zillions of tools available. To make your task easy, here we are going to present some cool tools that deserve to be in your social media marketing mix:



Those of you, who have a thing or two for twitter and want to track everything appearing on it, Twazzup is the best tool that you need to give a try. It offers almost all the metrics in one single page. You have details of top influencers, top links etc. However, there are certain discrepancies regarding the accuracy of top influencer data. Pair it with Klout score and you will be in for a surprise. There is huge difference between them and the reason could be Twazzup is using different metrics for calculating the social power of different profiles.

 Google Alerts

google alerts

This one may sounds quite familiar but believe me, Google Alerts is the most powerful tool to keep a close eye on what people are saying about your brand. Since it is a product of Google, it is highly authentic and gives you enough control over your social media presence. You will receive updates in the form of mail or RSS feed. It is free and it just takes one minute to set things up. A super easy tool to bolster your social media presence.

Advanced Search in Twitter

twitter advanced

This tool requires you set the Boolean logic (simple true or false conditions) to perform some cool searches. Once you are done with the set up thing, you need to save the whole query in the form of an RSS feed that will help you keep a close tap on the latest news.

Social Mention


This tool tracks almost everything comments, mainstream news, videos, blogs, twitter and other social media sites. The best part of this tool is that you will get all the updates on passion, sentiments, reach, strength etc and the searches can be saved as RSS feed.



Though the interface of Icerocket is not that impressive, it does a nice job with meticulous efficiency. Yeah, it helps you keep a close eye on different social media sites, images, news, blogs etc and probably, it is the simplicity of use that makes it immensely popular among social media marketers.  And the best thing about this tool is that it lets you bookmark the search result for future references.



This tool comes up with almost everything you need to monitor your social media presence. This tool consolidates all the properties in a single page and the interface is highly intuitive and the best part, you are supposed to get it all for free.

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