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How Social Media Can Help You Write

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This article is designed to help those who are interested in writing, and are eager to become better or to turn it into a career. Some people are afraid to post their work on the Internet in fear of being torn to shreds, but it can be a great place to test your work and see what people like and don’t like about it. What’s most important is getting feedback, and social media sites are the best place to get it.

Writing can be an easy hobby to start, but what if you’re interested in taking it to the next level? Have you recently became interested in taking your hobby and turning it into a career? You may think that your writing style is great, but you might be surprised to find that not everyone is as great a writer as they think they are. You’re going to need feedback in order to learn what your strengths are, and what you should work on.

social media

That’s where the Internet comes in. Social media has become the most popular way to meet people, have discussions and find those with common interests. You can have a group of peers that you can communicate with, while remaining anonymous if you like, so that you’re being judged on your work alone. It’s a great atmosphere for people who are just dipping their toes into the writing sphere for the first time, and aren’t ready for the harsh critiques that most writers are subject to their first time around.

Here are some ways social media sites can help you get started on your writing career, and encourage you to continue it further.

Start a blog

There are plenty of free online sites that allow you to keep a blog that you can tailor to your needs, such as WordPress and Tumblr. These sites also allow you to share your work online with others, inviting them to leave comments or feedback on your work, so that you can get an idea for what your strengths and weaknesses are. Having your work published online can also encourage you to write more each day, so that you can keep readers coming back to see what else you’ve written. If you’d like, you can create a schedule for yourself so that you’re putting up new information on a regular basis. This keeps your audience interested, and it also keeps you writing a little bit each day.

Be creative

You are free to add pictures and music to your writing posts that can help the mood you’re going for, or create a visual for the setting of whatever you’re writing. If your writing is about a letter, why not handwrite the letter yourself and scan it? Giving your work a more personal touch keeps people intrigued and it gives your stories a more unique spin that keep your readers coming back and even generating new ones.

Share ideas

After all, it’s more difficult to be creative and come up with ideas in a vacuum. Finding other people with interests similar to yours can inspire you to try different things in your writing that you may not have considered before. Social media also allows you to do collaborations with other people, giving you some insight into other styles of writing.

Speak with professionals

Sites like Twitter have made it easier for people to be connected with celebrities and get their insight on certain things. Following these people can help you understand how they get into the mindset to write. Don’t be afraid to contact them, as you could be surprised what kind of advice they have for you. These people are passionate about what they do, and they’re always eager to see other people become passionate about writing too.

The Internet can be a great pace for resources and finding people that are willing to help you in your writing career. You just have to be willing to take the plunge and take everything said to you with a grain of salt. There will be some harsh critics, and even some people who will try to tear you down for your work. But behind that, you will find some great advice that will affect your writing career for the better.

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