Digital Signage Makes an Impact on Finance

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Advertising and promotions are everywhere. In the modern world the ads, which catch the attention of customers and clients, are those providing the most useful information. They also deliver the information in a quick eye catching way, which changes and provides the user some sort of entertainment while they are otherwise bored.

It should therefore be no surprise that financial institutions around the world are deploying digital signage. They use it to engage their customers and passively upsell them, by providing them something to look at while they are waiting for service. Better still are the providers who have realized if they can give the user some way to interact with the content, IE apply for a new product on their smart phone, they will further increase their sales.


What about the customer profile?

A recent report on banking and its use of digital signs in the United States found those banks that are employing digital signage are perceived as significantly more technology savvy than those who are not. The same study further found that customers could be divided into four different types of customers, with two of those types being highly impacted by digital signage. For the other two customer categories the impact was negligible, but it does help to note that the two high impact groups are the tech savvy and those who are highly focused on simplicity.

Customers at the older end of the demographic tend to fall into the category least likely to use this technology. While the younger more banking savvy generation, which tends to consume more financial products than its predecessor, and profitable ones such as credit cards, is more comfortable interacting with a machine.

Touch Screens Make an Impact

Recently banks have started to deploy touch screen displays. These allow users to both interact with the screen and computer system and use it to do banking transactions. In many ways this allows them to further simplify customer interactions with the bank. One such bank, which has been doing, this is Citibank.

In many ways these sorts of systems allow for greater customer interaction. If the customer sees a product or service of interest while in the line they should be able to complete an application then and there either using their mobile device and QR code or by directly interacting with the digital display.

The Key

The major key is to hammer home the realization that 77% of banking customers view the bank as more innovative if it has digital displays. For a bank this means greater customer trust amongst those two demographics of consumers with little negative impact against the other two baskets of clients. Overall there is an advantage for financial institutions to move first, and a great deal of companies around the world to help them achieve these goals. In our world the delivery of information is 24/7 and done in real time. It is important for any customer facing organization to take advantage of this technology to build their business for the 21st century. And even banking must follow suit.

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