Celebrate Your Furry or Feathery Friend the Best Way With a Photo Book

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Having a furry or feathery friend is one of the most exciting moments for pet lovers. It should not only be about going for walks and feeding the pets. These friendly animals have a particular spot in your heart, providing you with endless entertainment, companionship, loyalty, and love. Whether cuddling a bunny, kitten, dog, bird, cat, or any other pet, you will eventually feel your pet becoming an integral part of your life. Creating multiple photo books for the pets you have will not only give you memories of your pet but will also show the celebration of your pet and his contribution to your family.

photo book

Why would you create a photo book for your pet?

Imagine cuddling your pet as you go through your best memories together on that couch. There is always that unique thing you cannot explain that makes you feel comfortable about your pet if you are a pet lover. Your pet will touch your heart and comfort you like no one else could. Creating a pet photo book shows how much you treasure your animal and having a keepsake you will go through in later years and reminisce on those special moments.

Wondering how to will honor your family with a photo book? Well, this is how.

Select your pet’s best photos

Photo selection is usually the first step if you wish to honor your furry friend. Capture the exciting moments in various stages with your family members. For instance, you can capture the first moment the pet came to join your family, started to settle in their new home, and the time they got familiar and started running around accompanying everyone everywhere.

Include text

Adding a written word next to your pet’s image will remind you of everyone’s feelings about him. Let every family member write a funny story of what interests them about the animal or bird. Additionally, you could sprinkle your favorite pet quotes randomly throughout the photo book to help you put your life story together.

Pick an exciting layout

There are multiple ways you could embrace to create your pet’s photo book and make it stand out. Mixbook enhances your creativity with various layouts and allows you to showcase your pet’s unique personality. For instance, you could use a storybook format to organize the album from your pet’s viewpoint and allow the images and accompanying texts to tell the story. Alternatively, you could opt for the chronological layout or group the shots thematically.

Include mementos

Just like adding those small details like your baby’s birth certificate in your baby’s photo book makes the story interesting, you could do the same with your pet to vividly bring the memory to life. The keepsakes could be things like pawprints, veterinary records, your children’s drawings of the pet, and any other inclusion that will bring back memories.

The idea of having and loving your pet should not just end with feeding the animal or taking him or her for walks. Creating a photo book for your pet will help you experience his contribution to the fun and exciting moments you shared with him as a part of your family. Log in to Mixbook today and honor your pet the best way.

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