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How To Face Bravely 5 Common Blog Theme related Problems

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As a blogger it is quite common to screw up the look and feel of the blog while making some weird UI experiments. Rear are those occasions when a new blogger manages to make things work around the plan when he/she is at the theme. However, the errors that they usually face while configuring the theme are pretty common and can be fixed easily, though they might look hideous and ugly. But that is being said, there are infinite number of ways you can messed up with the theme of the blog.

The Key To Problem Solving

Nevertheless, some pattern can be drawn out from them and here we are going to share some great tips that that may help you fix the errors:

Getting An Error: Yah, I know this is pretty common to face when you are into blogging. A small error is powerful enough to make your website completely dysfunctional. Instead of throwing feats at the sign of error, you need to stay clam and cool. Try to read the errors, though they might appear Hebrew at the initial stage, and you will find out that it is not that tough to locate the source of the problem. Usually, the error itself tells everything that you need to fix it. It may say that the error is in the single.php file and the error is in the line no 78. So, you are now armed with the knowledge that what the problem is all about. Go to the file and try to find out some obvious error like forgetting a bracket. But be sure that you have basic knowledge of CSS and HTML editing otherwise, you might end up finishing it up completely.

Content Format Error: It is highly likely that you have faced this problem at certain moment of your blogging career. The error is quite common and it can occur either in the middle of the content or after a certain point. Sometimes, it is just because you have forgotten to close a tag. For say, you have started with a certain span and then forget to close it. So this part of the body content will take the default font and other formatting, whereas the rest of the part of the body content will comply with the set theme. It is comparatively easy to fix this kind of error. All you need to do is to locate the source of the error and if you find that a tag is missing, just close the tag and that is end of your misery.

Sidebar is Below The Content: This is another common problem and the annoying part of this problem is that the blog might appear perfect in some browsers, whereas it might look completely botched up in another set of browsers. When the sidebar navigation should be appearing beside the content, in such weird cases, sidebar navigation sometimes appears below the content. Try to find out whether the content area and the sidebar area have any padding around them and if you find the padding is wider than the main site DIV, there are greater chances of sidebar navigation appearing below the content. All you need to do is to add some pixels to the main DIV of the CSS file of your website. Just make sure you are checking your website in all possible browsers just to make sure the trick is working.

Function Not Found: This type of error occurs when you disable a plugin and when you website starts rendering, it does not get loaded properly and generates an error that says the function cannot be found. Fixing this error is rather easy. All you need to do is to remove the line of code that is calling the plugin that can be identified easily in the error sign or reactivate the plugin.

Site Is Getting Hang: It is annoying to notice that your website is taking too long time to get loaded and sometimes, it just makes the browser unresponsive. This problem may be caused by some 3rd party elements that are either not getting loaded properly or just not loading at all. The best way you can locate the problem is by Pingdom’s Load Test Tool and it will give you specific information about 3rd party element that is holding your website from getting loaded properly. Once located, just remove the element and your website will be just fine.

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