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Basic Facebook Fans Page Optimization Tips

facebook page optimization
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Getting a lot of fans is one of the major goals in building a successful Fans Page. But you need to achieve something more valuable, it’s getting targeted and loyal fans. If you want your Facebook page to get more fans than you have now, it’s likely going to take some work on your part, at least when you are first beginning.

facebook page optimization

As I said “getting targeted and loyal fans” and the optimization tips below are to achieve that goal. Well, here we go. 😉

1. Be Unique

I am quite puzzled to name it, unique or branding. But here are some important points to describe the uniqueness.

Motto, slogan, vanity URL, description and name. These things should strongly describe what is your page about. In the description also provide information about your uniqueness, something that makes your page different from other.

Optimize your fan page name and vanity URL. Choose a name for your fan page that reflects the name of your company. Also consider for including main keywords related to your business. This will help Facebook users to find your page through search queries. Take your fan page vanity URL so that it seems as like as your business website domain name.

Logo and picture. For Facebook fans page, you should planning the page picture from beginning as best as possible. You can easily change your Facebook profile picture without effect too much to your friends, but for Facebook fans page changing the picture will make your fans confuse. Therefore you should planning your logo and picture from the beginning, it’s very powerful for branding purpose. Therefore create the perfect profile picture.

2. Offer Something Special

This is also your uniqueness, offer something special to your fans such as contests or sweepstakes, discounts, deals, free ebooks or anything else. It can dramatically attract more fans and keep the fans loyal. Installing the Static FBML App or iFrame App also could be the best way to offer something. Also don’t forget to set it as your default landing tab.

facebook page deals

3. Interaction

This is the main purpose why social media sites are made. Don’t ever think to run your Facebook Fans Page on auto pilot. Encourage interaction, build relationship, comment and generate interest are a must.

Update unique and fresh content regularly. For higher ranking in Facebook search results, regularly post updates, relevant links, images, videos and event invitations on you Facebook Fans Page. A regular stream of activity on your wall keeps your fans engaging and updated.

It’s also important to define a publishing schedule for your content. Mark your calendar, especially for special events. You must on time to update the status. Said in Independent Day, you have one day to maximize that day to offer something special such as discounts, sweepstakes, and more.

facebook page interaction

Maximize your activities on active time. Please think or do some research to know when users are most active. Based on my experience, people are mostly active between 07.00 AM to 11.00 AM, 1.00 PM to 3.00 PM and 7.00 PM to 10.00 PM.

4. Syndicate your content

Use RSS feeds to help your site news spread far and wide. Use an App to automatically update your Facebook fans page status from your latest news. Social media is only one of several methods to promote your business or your site. Said your site is selling certain products, definitely people can’t buy your products from fans page, they have to visit your site first.

rss app

Although I have found some e-commerce Apps that allow you to sell items directly from your fans page, but it’s less effective to build a strong brand. Your site and your domain are your real business and your real brand name.

In the Beginning

Buy Facebook fans or advertise your page using Facebook Ads. Adjust budget of advertising, this is very important in the beginning since your new fans page has zero fans. When your page has decent number of fans, they will increase their selves with the power of viral. But the result may vary and very likely your fan page has no significant growth, so your task is evaluate and always improve it.

I have one fans page with 2,000 fans from Facebook Ads, but now it has more than 8,000 fans. The fans grew their selves, and the best part is they are very targeted because the additional 6000 fans like my fans page without persuasion and coercion, without an extra promotion or advertising.

Also consider in buying fans, buying Facebook fans is the best choice to gain a lot of fans in a short period of time without doing any task on advertising. There are many services selling fans at a cheap price out there.


Facebook Fans Page has many functions and purposes such as branding, for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), attract more consumers, and many more. Always try your best to improve your Facebook fans page and do not hesitate to execute any new idea.

Tantan is a full time blogger, Internet marketer and WordPress theme designer. He also works as Social Media (Facebook fans page) optimizer handling client projects. You can visit his blog at or grab his ebook “Making Money Blogging without Banners”.

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    • You’re welcome Latief. Well, if you just invite your friends. Are they will become targeted fans?! I don’t think so.
      I think anyone who seriously want to build a fans page successfully will have budget, although small.

  • Quite true!
    Hey Also try these tips:
    1. Add interactive Facebook applications
    2. Add the Like Button Plug-in to your website.
    3. Optimize your status updates with keywords.
    These tips also help you for promoting your product/services.

  • Totally agree with Tip number 2. Offering something that will catch the interest of your target audience or market will likely increase your conversion rate. Giving online visitors the latest updates on your business encourage them to become fans and subscribers to your business facebook page.

  • The above said tips are good to know before creating your facebook page but one thing which confusing me is whether to choose from brand name (not a Keyword like business, backlinks) or to go on with brand name in short like IMT(which is not a keyword).

  • Awesome to say about this tips….!! If we involve more crowds in facebook, target the specific audience, latest update of online business information sharing and providing informative information on facebook page we can make a good traffic. Thanks 🙂

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