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7 Exceptionally Valuable PHP Tools

PHP tools
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Arguably one of the choicest web application development platforms, PHP leads the pack in the terms of the domains using it. This powerful server-side scripting language is extensively used as a software programming language that facilitates development of highly functional applications and websites. The support to major databases like SQL and Oracle makes it abundantly clear that the PHP storm is here to stay.

But what takes PHP above and beyond any challenge is its gamut of powerful tools. Let’s get a greater insight into the best PHP tools that make PHP development a rewarding experience.

PHP tools


A highly resourceful debugging tool, Webgrind makes sure there are no unnoticed goof ups in programming. It astutely identifies the errors in the code and displays the messages in a very neat manner for you to read and accordingly address.


PHP_Debug is more of an open-source project that serves a great tool to debug complex PHP codes and zero in on logical errors. It packs in powerful features to evaluate the performance metric of your programs and create graphical representations of the variable dumps in a PHP code.


As the name suggests, SimpleTest is a pretty non-fussy testing tool to either assure you that all is well with your app, or it needs some immediate attention before you go ahead and launch it. Even using it makes for a simple exercise as it has a user-friendly interface.


It is an established understanding that when you are writing codes, you must follow certain coding standards. The standards are only meant to make things easier for you so that you get the desirable results without much ransacking. PHP_CodeSniffer promotes adherence to those standards and facilitates uniform coding styles. The companies dealing in large scale projects use this tool as their applications involve a heap of code lines.


Trust PHP not to lag behind on the security front. Among all the powerful security features and tools, Scavenger stands tall for its highly intuitive capability to detect security loops and possible attacks from outside. It is an open source tool with sensitive interface that reports intrusions in real-time. As a administrator, you will find this tool an extremely useful way to thwart threats from hackers and interceptors.

Pixy: PHP Security Scanner

Pixy combines the PHP algorithms with Java program to carry out automated scans of the PHP code. It is done to find out if the code is prone to XSS and SQL injection. It then generates a report which highlights the areas that are vulnerable.

PHP/SWF Charts

When everything is set out in front of you in the form of insightful graphs and web charts, you don’t need to keep fishing for ways to evaluate your application’s performance. PHP/SWF Charts is one such tool that collects data from different sources and displays it by the means of charts and graphs.

A combination of few such tools can bring your fatigued code back to life. Start leveraging their benefits and bring meticulousness to your project.

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