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Professional Web Design Company vs Freelancer

There has a tussle on decisions on whether to approach a professional web design company or a freelancer for your website. Here is why you should choose a professional to do your website.

Web design has become a necessity in today’s world and there are many that offer these services. Many companies are out there who are complete professionals and on the other hand we have the freelancers who can be good at what they do and also who cannot. There has always been a debate on hiring a freelancer or a web design company.

Jim Knisely versus Al Zadroga 1988 Winchester VA Photo by Ted Van Pelt

When you want a website for your company you want the best and it has to be developed by someone who can deliver the best. A freelancer can offer you lower rates but you can never have a guarantee of good quality work. So let me tell you why you should hire a professional company and not a freelancer. It is true that a freelancer can offer you’re a web design for a cheap rate but a professional company can guarantee about their work. When you hire a professional company they will be hiring professionals who have good experience and good track record so that as a company they will be able to deliver a good and interactive website. A professional touch to your website can always work in favor of your business because they are more acquainted with your industry and they have experience with dealing with specific needs.

When you hire a freelancer you cannot be sure if he has the experience and expertise to do the job he is assigned to do. It will be hard to track a freelancer because he is not associated with a company and can take away your money and not get the work done or comeback with some work which is poorly done. So there is a lot to lose when it comes to a freelancer but when it comes to a professional company that has a good track record you can be rest assured of a great website. Remember that a well-tailored website will always help you attract visitors to your website and that is very much needed to be in business.
So always good to make a wise choice by going to a professional company instead of a freelancer and believe it, it will bear fruits.

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  • I disagree with this. Agencies tend to be very impersonal and require projects to be delivered quickly to maintain revenue streams. Most successful freelancers have years of agency experience and are highly professional and capable of producing much more original results than a company. No freelancer can rip off a client – being associated with a company actually makes a web designer LESS accountable for the financial relationship. As an independednt contractor, they are directly liable for the arrangement. Essentially, choose a designer based on the portfolio and set a realistic budget. You will only get poor service and poor work if you pay for it.

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