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How to get Genuine Likes and Followers on Social Media

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Gathering likes and followers can be a little tricky. This is especially true for those who want to keep their following genuine and the old adage quality over quantity is what their focus is on. Many companies use bots to generate followers; a common tactic because it is quick. The best way to look at having conversations with your followers is that you are just exchanging thoughts or opinions with some friends. What good is having 1,000 followers when 98% of them are not authentic?

Earning and managing genuine followers and likes is not a quick process. This is the reason why it is best to start small and go from there. The easiest way to create content (and at the same time make your life easier) is to do it ahead of time and use passive sales pitches (If you get too aggressive, you will lose followers and business).

social media like

Following are six ways to generate maximum followers and likes:

1) Twitter ID: You may earn more likes and followers if you post your Twitter ID in the ‘about’ section of your blog but it can take some time to build momentum

2) Short Articles: When trying to earn likes on the social website Facebook you will need to post short articles. These articles should be fun and informative for your target audience.

3) Images and Status Updates: Photos are also a good way to increase likes on a Facebook page because they require a form of interaction from the viewer. Updating status also helps attract people to your page and increase interaction.

4) Twitter Chat: Participating in Twitter chats is another good way to drum up followers. They are a good way to find people with common interest. The people you talk to in these chats are more likely to follow you because they have already interacted with you on common grounds before. By adding your Twitter and Facebook identities to the Bio of your post will get you even more followers. If you are jumping into a conversation, then it would be best to make sure you have read the previous posts. This will bring you up to speed on the conversation and keep you from getting confused.

5) Follow Friday: There is another simple way to get followers and it is to participate in the #FollowFriday. The best way to participate is to only recommend one person and give a concrete reason for why you are following them. Your followers will also recommend people. Take the time to look through them and choose and follow the ones that are interesting.

6) Hash Tags: They are also a good way to get genuine followers on Twitter. Even if you only use them occasionally they are a big help mainly because the hash tags contain keywords that make your tweets easier to find. Hash Tags also make SEO research extremely handy. Most people search with keywords and using hash tags leads them to you.

On the other hand, when choosing people to follow, it is a good idea to @reply and let them know why you are following them. This also lets them know that you are not just another number and they are more likely to follow you. The same principle goes for Facebook. Do not just add and follow people for the sake of numbers because adding people who interest you will help you stay active.

A few important things that you need to remember when generating likes and followers:

  • Do not spam: Everybody hates spam, whether it is emails, Tweets or redundant Facebook statuses. It is extremely annoying and can lead to having your account suspended.
  • Commitment: It is very important that you stay committed to the process of generating maximum followers. Generating followers is a long term strategy which doesn’t show immediate results but its impact can be felt long after you have executed it. Commitment also means that you listen to what people are saying about your industry because it allows you to find out about your competition and the problems they might be facing.
  • Followers List: This is another very important part of the process. You will need to clean out the spammers on your follower list. This will make it a lot easier to track who is active and who is just a number. There are a few sites that can help you with this task. Most of these sites are free to use and allow you to remove such followers.
  • Command Centers: Some sites out there act like command centers for social media websites. These types of sites make it a lot easier to manage multiple accounts and on multiple sites. There are some people who like to have three or four twitter accounts and these sites decrease the hassle in managing multiple accounts. They may also store content that you have written and post it for you to help you streamline the process.

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